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Free essays on 3D printing offer valuable insights into this emerging technology. These essays cover a range of topics, from the history and development of 3D printing, to the practical applications of the technology in various industries. They also discuss the potential impact of 3D printing on manufacturing, design, and even medicine. Some essays delve into the legal and ethical considerations surrounding 3D printing, such as intellectual property rights and the ethics of printing firearms. Overall, free essays on 3D printing provide readers with a comprehensive and informative overview of this innovative technology.
The Legal Implications of 3D Printing the Works of Other People
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How can 3D printing cause problems in the area of intellectual property (IP)? Content providers such as Thingiverse allow users to upload original 3D models that they have created. These models are then available for download by any person who has access to the Internet. With this process in place it is possible for a person to download another person's model, print multiple copies with a 3D printer, and then sell these copies for a profit. This particular sequence of…...
3D Printing
The Different Areas and Applications of 3D Printing
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List some of the major areas and applications for 3D scanning and 3D printing. How could these application change lives? What effect could they have on the economy? One of the most important applications for 3D printing is that of its use in the medical field. Lab technicians are now able to create prosthetic limbs and body parts for patients in need of these. 3D printing also allows medical experts to create internal body parts such as knee replacements that…...
3D Printing
The Critical Application of 3D Printing in the Medical and Non-Medical Fields
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Two-dimensional printing techniques produced x-ray and other images from magnetic resonance and computed tomography scans that were used by doctors to comprehend various pathologies. However, since the early 2000s, 3D printing has gained broad applications in both the medical and non-medical fields. In the medical field, 3D printing lets three dimensional transcriptions to be executed as physical entities with the help of a printer. As a result, 3D printing in the medical field has application in cardiac, spinal and maxillofacial…...
3D Printing
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3D Printing with Various Plastics
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There are a variety of different materials available that can be used to create 3D objects with a 3D printer. The reason that there are so many is because 3D printing has made leaps and bounds in innovation in just a few years so you can use different types of materials that have certain properties that are required for specific jobs or even just to make a prototype of what you want before final production. Not only that, these materials…...
3D Printing
How 3D Printing Is Changing the World
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The innovative way to produce advanced new products, improve old products, and revamp business processes is 3D printing. “It is a small evolutionary step from spraying toner on paper to putting down layers of something more substantial such as plastic resin, until the layers add up to an object.” Some companies that are striving to make this process more mainstream are: General Electric, who aims to create 85,000 fuel nozzles for Leap jet engines; Boeing, who has already created over…...
3D Printing
The Different Applications of 3D Modeling and Printing
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How is 3D imaging and printing helpful with the skeletal collection documentation? Why are these techniques being used in addition to or in place of other forms of recordation? 3D technologies are being used by researchers to create images of the vast amount of skeletal remains that have been discovered. 3D scanning techniques are being used so that the artifacts can be represented and organized digitally rather than physically. The 3D models that are created can then quickly be loaded…...
3D Printing
A Definition and Uses of 3D Model Printing
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What (if anything) is the difference between additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping and 3D printing? Is there such a thing as a subtractive manufacturing, and if so, what would an example be? 3D printing is a type of additive manufacturing. Additive manufacturing is the process of adding material layer by layer until a final product is created. 3D printing is a type of additive manufacturing that can use a wide range of material types and can produce a wide range of…...
3D Printing
My 3d Printing Project
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An important computing innovation is 3D-Printing. This is the process of making three-dimensional objects from a digital file with a 3D-printer. Its purpose is to allow users to produce complex objects in a precise and repeatable way. With my computational artifact, I show how 3D-printing works; a 3D-Printer prints layers on layers of material until the object on a digital file is physically made. My artifact also expresses the complexity and design freedom of 3D-printing with examples of abstract shapes,…...
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digital literacy
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Jennifer TruongProfessor Soyeon LeeENGL 1301 Composition 130 October 2019There is no denial behind the increase of digital technologies becoming a part of day to day life for some. These digital devices, such as cell phones or laptops, have become so common toward everyday use that at times can become inconvenient if individuals don’t own such devices. As society continues to progress with these digital shifts, it leaves an interesting question on how these shifts are affecting individual’s lifestyles beyond just…...
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How 3D Printing Is Changing the World
...Quicker production, new combinations of materials, less waste, more modern structures and shapes, and cheaper production are just a few of the great benefits that 3D printing boasts. Soon the entire world will be able to participate in this process, ...
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