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The Giver’s Ending
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Jonas and Gabe was walking towards the door. Jonas hears the same music that he had heard early. As Jonas and Gabe get closer, the music gets louder. When Jonas opens the door he sees that the fire place is lit which is weird since no one else would leave the community, but as Jonas turns he sees the grand piano and the person that's playing is Rosemary The Giver's daughter and The Receiver that had failed 10 years ago.…...
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Kylian Hagerich
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What will the future of computing look like?Kylian HagerichThe future of computing can only progress , the amount of technological ad vanceme nts continues toexpand every year. Within the near future, computing will be able to be implanted into the body ’ssystem and start to transfer data between the body and a computer or d ata structure. Entrepreneurs , suchas Elon Musk as mentioned in source one, have started developing the prototypes for the devi cesrequired . The possibili ties…...
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Drones report 5000 words
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We live in a world where technology surrounds us and has almost become a vital part of our lives. There are many different areas of our lives that are reliant on technology to help us complete our daily tasks. For some technology may well be a hobby that helps us to relax, or indeed, to make money for us. This form of technology could well be; drones. Drones are a continually developing and extremely accessible form of technology that is…...
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