The Issues Surrounding the Use of Drones by the Military

In this essay it talks about how drones take a lot of hate due to all the bad things they can due and not the good. There are beliefs that this laws on drones are meant for the purpose of keeping people from spying or doing illegal things but it is obviously hard to enforce. Whats to stop people from spying on people or potentially harming innocent civilians in some way or form.Drones should be used for the good of all mankind, but only if the laws on who can own them, who can use them, and what types of drones can be purchased by people, become more strict.

In the article “Moral Case for drones” Most of the information is from a military standpoint. “In the obama administration have been focussing on how they are unintentionally killing innocent civillians.”(Shane). Military is rushing to get their targets instead of waiting. Many people have different points of views on many things such as drones.

Some would say that they should be 100% legal to everyone and some may say the exact opposite. The belief that drones should be able to be owned by the public but There should be strict laws forcing people that want to own drones that can’t fly over a time period of over 20 min and over a certain ammount of feet. These laws would allow kids who want to buy smaller drones that cannot go far away.

Then drones that are bigger should have to be registered and have a tracker in it to make sure it abides the law.

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There should be a limit on how many licences should be issued every year. For larger drones that are capable of doing more damage. Therefore the laws against dones that can fly a certain amount of time and weigh more cannot be used unless properly certified. But what you may ask is whats keeping the military from following these guidlines even if they arent mainly for use against people in the United States.why are people who end up killing innocent civilians in other countries just to complete a mission still able to keep flying these drones.

Some may ask what kind of drones are ok for people to have or what the military should have access too well in my belief people should have restrictions to what they can buy in store and be registered ona nationwide database. Also the military should be allowed to use them but not have drones that would whithout a doubt hurt or kill innocent civilians.

Next they should not have drones that are big enough that they could be manned by an actual person. It would make it much easier to crash than if it were manned by someone of more expierience. The use of drones in the military could potentially affect people who have been flying in the airforce and are concidered not certified to fly drones.

If it were up to me i would just bann drones all together because it takes the emotional part of war out of the picture. Also as of right now sure less people in the military are dying but more civilians are dying. Some of the things i discussed were some of the rules of people owning and flying drones and what we should do to enforce them or make them more strict. Next who should and should not be able to fly drones and what should be required to register. Who should be able to use drones and what do people have to do to register. And how should they be used in the military.

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