The Issues Surrounding the High-Speed Rail System in the United States

The world has experienced an incredible revolution which can be attributed to technological advancements. Of course, the transport industry hasn’t been left behind and has seen the emergence of high»speed railr Nevertheless, the high-speed rail has been on the United States transport spotlight for decades due to some positive and negative issues. But unfortunately, the transport system is doing poorly in the United States than Asia and Europe because of the population density Additionally, a fewer number of citizens prefer using the rail automotiveand instead prefer the use of other alternative modes of transport.

Another significant issue facing the high-speed rail in the United States is the issue of property rights.

That implies that in the US, it is difficult to secure cheap land for the construction of the high-speed rail tracks, compared to Asia and Europe In the same fashion, the United States has a well-developed traditional automobile culture that hindersthe development of high-speed rail in the region.

American citizens invest billions of dollars in obtaining cars, which has led to an increasing level of car ownership On the contrary, Europe and Asia have a lower car ownership rate which makes the high—speed rail a perfect alternative One primary issue of high—speed rail in the United States is affordability in the light of cost. United States citizen has found the high»speed rail to be an unrealistic alternative to motoring and flying which are cheaper compared to high-speed rail travelr.

It is apparent that the high-speed rail is efficient, affordable, and environmentally friendly means of transport.

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But to match Europe’s and Asia‘s high-speed rail system, the United States should incorporate the use of breakthrough technologies such as the construction of rail tunnels in places where it is expensive to secure land The government should also come up with policies that lower the use of automobiles to allow a more significant population percentage to use the high-speed rail, Reference United States Congress House Committee on Transportation and infrastructure. (2009). High- Speed Rail in the United States. Washington: US GiPiOi.

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