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Indian railroad is the fourth biggest railroad organize on the planet which goes around 11,000 trains each day. Railroad mishaps happens because of the following reasons that will be the unmanned dimension crossing, flag disappointment, human mistake, any enormous item in the track, split in the rail line track. Security estimates utilized presently isn’t compelling particularly in the technique for breaking location of rails. By this undertaking we can discover the break in the railroad track and close to the adjacent station.

At the point when the blame is distinguished through the GPS, consequently the speed of the train will be diminished and halted. So by this task the significant mishap will be kept away from and the life of the traveler will be safeguarded.

Keyword: Data Mining, crack identification, GPS, GSM.


Railroad gives Residence and Medical Aid to their workers. We effectively observe a private province and a dispensary close to each Railway Station.

There are just about 7,500 little and enormous Railway Stations in India. Railroad is likewise help the Indian individuals in their exchange right around 30-40% merchandise are conveyed by Railway in various pieces of nation. Railroad is likewise assume essential job amid any national catastrophe and any mishaps. In this manner rail assessment is vital and basic in the railroad framework and every day upkeep so as to ensure the unwavering quality, security and the continuation of administration life. Verifiable an examination errand was generally done by expert human eyewitnesses.

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Manual examination causes genuine misuse of HR as well as bring tedious, low exactness and emotional assessment. In earlier they used sorting method in that features are less so, now in this paper we merge sorting and searching method. By using array format we can gather a specific data item. For performance reliability here we use binary search and also demand array data to be sorted. Compatibility of work can be efficient in both sides of user and admin.

By this project we can find out the crack in the railway track and intimate to the nearby station or driver. When the fault is identified through the GPS automatically the speed of the train will be reduced and stopped. So by this project the major accident will be avoided and the life of the passenger will be rescued. Let we avoid the train accident and save the peoples life.

GPS-Global Positioning System. It is a space based satellite route framework that gives area and time data in all climate condition. Each GPS satellite continuously transmits a radio signal containing the current date and time about its positioning[1]. GPS itself does not requires a internet connectivity.

GSM –Global System For Mobile Communication. GSM is an open and digital cellular technology used for transmitting mobile voice and data services operates at 850mhz, 900mhz, 1800mhz, 1900mhz frequency bands. GSM system was developed as digital system using time division multiple access technique for communication purpose[2].

The disadvantages of the existing system are not able to predict the crack properly on railway track. Less accuracy, low efficient, incredible estimation blunder, manual inspection, high cost, requires special equipments, and requires professional people. In the proposed system if the receiver did not receive the signal means the controller will send a warning information which is in train through the admin controller. When the crack is detected on the track the text message is send to the preferred number by using the GSM and GPS services.

At the point when the human or creature is on the track the PIR sensor will distinguish the nearness and stop the checking procedure till they proceed onward. After they moved on it will continue the process. The focal points incorporate early recognition of track blame notice, high accuracy, basic task, preferred execution over other strategy, facility to send alarm or cautioning message to specific train driver, upgrade the level of productivity, transmitting signals are promptly exchange, mishaps can be kept away from by taking quick reaction. By this proposed system the exact position of the faulty track can be easily identified so that humans and animals can be rescued.


Xavier Gibert et al. in which the execution was improved by consolidating different finders inside a learning system[3]. Esther Resendiz et al. for mechanized examination of the track utilizes flag handling and ghostly estimation that gives hearty recognition of occasionally happening track segment[4]. . Li and Ren proposed a nearby Michelson-like contrast(MLC) measure dependent on psycophysical Michelson differentiate and a limit approach, extent underscored most extreme entropy[5]. He et al. introduced another opposite Perona-Malik dispersion display that is effectively affected by picture commotion, and can’t generally find the ceaseless edges of deformities[6]. Gan et al. proposed a coarse to fine extractor for distinguishing deformity. The coarse extractor dependent on mean move find the anomalies, and after that fine extractor channels these commotions[7]. Green et.al built up an improved rendition of infrared-based strategy for surface split capability at traditional train speed which conveys break recognition ability over the full profundity of the rail area, with a split goals capacity tantamount to contending location procedures[8]. Chen et al. distinguished the breaks from low goals pictures and discontinuities in the picture utilizing wavelet change and KD-tree[9].

3.System architecture:

The track man update the train alert message in the web page through admin the crack is detected by trackman. The trackman upload the information . The admin control the signal and reschedule the train and sent an alert information to the train driver and user. If any object is in the track means the driver can directly intimate the message to or admin and the object will be cleared immediately so that we rescue the passenger and save the life of human beings.

fig 3.1 Represents System Architecture

The algorithm used for this proposed system is searching and sorting. It is a very common task to search one-dimensional array for specific data item and there are a variety of algorithm for doing it. One of the most popular search algorithm is called linear search algorithm. Another option is binary search which usually more performance but also more demanding in order to use binary search the array data items must first be sorted or ordered. Although not very performance bubble sort, selection sort, and insertion sort are all simple algorithms for sorting a one-dimensional array. Each works well enough for shorter arrays.


(i) User interface:

user interface module has created for the security purpose. The user has to enter user id and password in login page. That will check username and password is match or not. That improves the security and preventing from unauthorized user and enters into the network. Here validate the login user and server authentication.

(ii) User view train details:

End user choose the train type and choose the starting point and destination point and click submit. After the user click submit the page display the train starting time destination time and train location.

(iii) Track Man Periodic Post:

Track man view the track details and maintain the track record update the railway track record to admin . if the crack is detected the alert message sent to the admin. If crack is detected the track will give a message in driver message page.

(iv) Driver and Track man Interrogation:

Driver and track man upload their queries in this module and they can view the update train details here. If the crack is detected the track man or the driver sent a message to admin.

(v) Railway Department Admin Upload:

RD admin (Railway Department) Update the train information train time local train or fast train the alert message cam from driver or track man the admin reschedule the train and upload the train details default every day.

(vi) Railway Department Admin Give Suggestion:

RD admin (Railway Department) view all the driver and trackman query and responds the queries. RD Admin maintain user details also.

5.Experimental Results:

Admin upload the train details and the details can be view by user, track man, and driver. The user can choose the train type and view the details. The track man and the driver view the train and upload the alert message. The admin reschedule and update the train delay time that can been seen by user, driver and track man.

Fig 5.1 User view train details

The above figure explain that the user view the starting point and destination point .And view the start time and end time of the train. If the train is in current station means it shows the current station in orange color and also show the train too.

Fig 5.2. The track man and driver view train detail

If the crack is detected and the alert message is sent to the admin. The admin can view the message and delay time. After that the admin can reschedule the train and the details can be viewed by user, track man and driver.

Fig 5.3. The admin update trains delay time

The track man didn’t give the alert message means the train didn’t delay it show delay by minutes. If the alert message is sent to the admin means the admin alter the train timing and display the delay time.

6.Future Enhancement:

In future we will likewise utilizing the CCTV with IP based camera for observing the visual recordings caught from the track. It will likewise extend the security for both rails and passengers from terrorism and crime. Even an uneducated people can also handle the button in train which is pressed if they find any problem means they press red button otherwise they press green button and the alert sent to the railway department.


The project work has given an ordeal and chance to utilize our restricted learning. Accordingly we build up a “Elevated Rail Covering Irregularity Identification” in this project the significant mishap will be maintained a strategic distance from and the life of the traveler will be safeguarded. Subsequently we choose a venture which is easy to utilize. The other innovation which is utilized by railway officers is very convenient yet muddled. This task help railroad to be in secure position and it generally be needful in security reason for Indian rail route framework. The main aim of this project is to distinguish the split and spare the travelers.




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