The Moral Issues of Euthanasia Among the Patients in the United States

Euthanasia is the act of assisted suicide requested by the patient and family if the patient will suffer from a unbearable and unstoppable death. Euthanasia shouldn’t be taken lightly, but should be allowed. Everyone should have the right to be able to die in peace. We will be looking at three cases. The first one is about Tony Nicklinson and what he felt he was forced to do. The second one is about Diane Pretty and what she and her husband went through, The final case is a unique case regarding to identical twin brothers, Marc and Eddy Verbessem.

Tony Nicklinson was a 58 year old husband, and father of two daughters. In 2005 he had a stroke while on a business and developed locked-in syndrome. Locked»in syndrome is an incurable condition were the patient loses all motor functions. It was a living nightmare for him but he couldn’t do anything about it Currently the laws regarding Euthanasia in Britain are “anyone who knowingly assists a terminally ill person can be prosecuted and convicted.

He went to court to try and fight this law, but on august 12 he lost the case He was so devastated by the loss that he refused to eat and contracted pneumonia shortly after.

He died just a week after the court’s decision. Is this the means we want to force people to go through? Just because someone is physically disabled shouldn’t mean that they can’t die in peace, If Euthanasia was legal it could have given him and his family peace as he passed away painlessly.

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Diane Pretty suffered from Lou Gehrig’s disease or known globally as Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Nine out of ten cases of ALS are due to unknown causes. In ALS neurons stop working correctly and are unable to send messages to the muscles. Eventually it ends with loss of all voluntary movement and trouble breathing. Diane always feared the suffocation and asphyxia often caused in the final stages of the disease. She attempted to take her case to court but it was rejected.

Only 2 weeks later she began having breathing issues, sunk into a coma and died, Exactly how she feared it would happen, Wouldn’t it have been more humane for her to die alongside her husband and kids not in pain, She should be able to choose how she wants to die. Nobody should have to experience a slow and painful death if necessary. If Euthanasia was legal it could of stopped her worst fears from happening. Belgium is one of the few countries that allow euthanasia if the patient is in unbearable physical or psychological pain. Marc and Eddy Verbessem were identical twins that were born deaf, They lived and worked together their whole life But things changed when they began to loss their vision due to glaucoma. They could not bear the thought of only being able to feel each other.

On December 14 the pair went to Brussels University Hospital where they were to receive lethal injections, The doctors described them as being happy and calm, Shouldn’t everyone be able to experience the peacefulness these two brothers experience? Because Euthanasia is legal Belgium these two brothers were able to die in peace and how they wanted. In the three cases who died more humanly, The father who starved himself, the mother who suffocated, or the brothers who were at peace and died togethen There is nothing wrong with how the brothers died and thanks to euthanasia they were able to die how they wanted without suffering. Everyone should have the chance to experience what those two brother experienced. So it should be allowed, because everyone should have the right to be able to die in peace.

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