Fast food is an invention of modern times and even if it may seem now and then the best solution for dinner, a lot of disadvantages are attributed to the concept of fast food. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of fast food? Fast food can be thought as a useful invention, but also as a negative one. As any other things, this also presents strong positive aspects and disadvantages. There are a lot of discussions in order to agree whether fast food is beneficial or not, but it appears that we can’t reach to a similar opinion.

Depending on each person’s principle, one can make up its mind which part has bigger signifficancy, the advantageous one or the disadvantageous part.

Let’s encourter the main facts we have to know about fast food in order to have a complete perpective of this concept. Only this way we can decide. Positive aspects     Fast food, despite of the rumors, can be healthy, if selected well.

For example salads, natural juices are healthy and their taste is even better than a burger’s.

It saves a lot of time. Lately, we don’t have time to cook, especially if we work all day long. Not to mention that cooking involves a visit to the supermarket, to buy the ingredients for the recipe you are cooking. Instead of cooking, you will have more time to spend it with the family and friends. Fast food is cheap. This is great, since there are students, single men and women who don’t like to cook or can’t and fast food is the perfect option in such cases.

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Disadvantages – The main disadvantage is surely the health. Fast food contains more salt, fats and calories than the home-cooked meal do. Eating fast food once in a while, that is once or twice a month won’t matter at all, but having a habit of eating this kind of food can lead to serious consequences and obesity is only one of these.

While eating fast food gives you the chance of being together with your family because of the time saved, it can also cause the fall apart of a family. If the free time is used separately one from each other, a family won’t be together not even for a delicious meal. These being mentioned, you can plan the frequency and the way you are eating fast food, in such a manner, in which your health won’t be affected. Hope you enjoyed! Noun Food that can be prepared quickly and easily and is sold in restaurants and snack bars as a quick meal or to be taken out. |

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