This essay sample on Transaction Processing System Definition provides all necessary basic info on this matter, including the most common “for and against” arguments. Below are the introduction, body and conclusion parts of this essay.

Information System has different types as mentioned above. They are Transaction treating system, Management Information Systems ( MIS ) , Office Automation Systems ( OAS ) , Document Management System ( DMS ) , Decision Support System ( DSS ) , Executive Support System ( ESS ) , Expert System ( ES ) , Knowledge Work System ( KWS ) , Geting Information System, Information System Security and Control, Impacts of Information System etc.

, These types is related to different sections in an administration such as Operational Manager, Data worker, Middle Manager, Senior Manager etc, . The below diagram shows how the types supports different sections in an administration.

The director, who maintains, controls and improves the activities in an administration for better services and goods to clients. The director cheques twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours operations and with the consequences they will take certain activities. One of the major twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities is Transaction treating system.

This Transaction Processing is a type in information system. The dealing procedure is a set of information that may be order, payment, scanned information etc. , through computing machine and demand to be updated in a database and database must direct conformation at same clip for the petition. Transaction procedure contains two types of procedures they are Batch Transaction Process and Real Time Transaction Process. The batch dealing means it collects the informations and stored in Database and does n’t react instantly during procedure.

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The best illustration of BTP is nomadic bills, Bank statements, cheques etc. The Real Time Transaction Process means it collects the informations and responds instantly for the procedure and saves the records in database. The best illustration of RTP is Withdrawal money, Deposit money, and Scanned payment consequences in retail shops. Any concern that may be on-line or offline tallies under these two procedures plants. The below diagram show the basic dealing procedure which involves user, intent and the type of procedure

Use Of Transaction Processing System

A A Ref: A Board of surveies NSW, Stage 6 Information Processes and Technology, Preliminary and HSC Courses ( 2007, page 14 )

Data Workers

The individuals who work for the company are known as information workers. The best illustration for informations workers are employees. The information system types comes under this section are Knowledge direction system ( KMS ) and Office mechanization system ( OAS ) . In any administration KMS is used to capture, organize and make concern procedures in efficient and advanced manner. To acquire the right information we collect informations and use cognition. The administration success depends upon the cognition. All the employees in an administration must portion their ideas for the administration end. The professional people who works for the KMS acts as advisers and give aid for both Top degree and Middle degree direction. These Peoples develop new cognition for the administration and integrated it with bing cognition which is nil but updating the system. Example for KMS is the Bankss say that sedimentation money in Bankss for protection. In add-on to that the cognition they use to increase the clients is if you deposit the money for more than a twelvemonth we will give an extra 5 % for the money which means if you deposit $ 100 so at the terminal of the twelvemonth you own $ 105. OAS is an extra tool to do the procedure easy in the administration. A computing machine system which allows assortment of application such as Microsoft word, Emails, Calender and even sharing resources each other through a affiliated web. This is used chiefly by office workers who supports directors at all degrees. The best illustration for OAS is Microsoft word. This application is of user interface which helps to do the paperss more easy and has extra installations like enchantment rectification, word count etc.

In-between Manager

This is one of the department/layer in an administration. The major function is to supervise subsidiaries like informations workers, operational director before describing to upper director. The Information system types that involve in this section are Management Information System ( MIS ) , Decision Support System ( DSS ) , and Intelligent Support System ( ISS ) . Manage information Tells director how to pull off information for a peculiar state of affairs. This information is managed in accurate, seasonably and relevant for state of affairss. System is a combination of different degrees in an administration. MIS is defined as combination of different beds in administration, people and paperss to cognize the administration jobs and supply appropriate information for the job. Accessing, Organising, Summarizing and displayed information for back uping everyday determination devising in the functional countries. The four types of MIS are TPS, OIS, DCS and Expert Systems. The illustration for MIS is for an on-line bank measure payment, the history holder has an option to reassign the sum for a peculiar day of the month in each month. The bank transportations money each month on that day of the month and direct a electronic mail with information about how much money is detected, clip of transportation and day of the month of transportation. DSS is a system used to do determination with the aid of broad scope of resources. This system interacts with the people by utilizing scope of resources to do determinations which we see in administration. For illustration, company wants to sell books internationally through online. To make this the company need to believe wether the determination made is wise for concern. Company can utilize DSS for doing determinations with the aid of company information and besides by other resources. This consequence gives an thought for the company to spread out the concern internationally or non.

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