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I am writing this cover letter replying to your job posting on February 8th at I am eager to speak with you about the position of “Smart Home and Automation Sales Consultant-Houston.” My experience at Galvatec, Inc., engaging various levels of customers and businesses to establish client relations and generate sales; My time off work recommending PC-related technologies to friends and family, using their merits, features, and conveniences as the selling point, and my education at Lone Star College, studying technical communication, has qualified me to undertake the tasks for the sales consultant role.

While I have worked for Galvatec, I’ve picked up skills and methods used to organize and execute to the fullest, the potential of managing clientele records while gaining new clients by engaging leads. Also, by keeping positive and healthy communication with customers, I ensured customer satisfaction and generated recurring sales. Using EXCEL spreadsheets and being a certified specialist in the program, the position allowed me to create an accurate and real-time list used to keep in contact with old, consistent customers and search for new clients faster.

I have been unemployed for four years due to pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration. During this time, I have been educating myself through Lone Star College online courses, which have granted me the discipline of working and learning on my own, without the need for structural guidance. Courses such as technical communication, have readied me to match the requirements desired by potential employers and how to converse using terms and phrases unique to professional fields.

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I have also, during my downtime, sold friends, families, and acquaintances on technologies they’ve needed or wanted for recreational purposes but weren’t informed of their decision. By detailing devices, explaining their capabilities, and comparing rival products, I would be able to entice a purchase based solely on what the product can do better to convenience their lives over the other choices.

The résumé provided gives a summary of my work history, education, and other certifications. If we can meet at a convenient time in your schedule, we could discuss my qualifications for the position in person. Leave a text or call me at (281)372-9084, you can also email me at [email protected]

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