Safety And Security in Hospitality and Tourism

Safety and security plays a large function in this century. Everyone is refering about their safety and security when they are remaining in the hotel during holiday. In the world-wide hotel industry, the direction excessively concern about safety and security issues refering on their invitees and employees.

In the cordial reception industry, they are proud of themselves because they are known friendly to everyone in such manner of attitude in welcoming their clients or invitees. Therefore, they should pattern and keep the construct of a “ home-from-home ” with their “ open-door ” attack with comfort, convenience and privateness to their invitees ( Gill, Moon, Seaman & A ; Turbin, 2002 ) .

After the catastrophes such as terrorist onslaught at Luxor Egypt in 1992 and 1993, 852 riders died on the shipwreck of Estonia in Baltic Sea on 28th September 1994, Iraq war panic onslaught of September 11, 2001 in New York, United States, the SARS epidemic in 2003, Tsunami catastrophe on 26th December 2004 in Thailand and Bali bombardments, the demand for safety and security around the universe is turning and the subject of safety and security has become a popular treatment among the people in the universe.

Besides, most of the hotels have now implemented a safety and security program every bit good as quality program such as supplying preparation for the employees and invitee ‘s safety and security ( Steene, 2009, Lockyer, 2007 and Helena & A ; Natasa, 2010 ) .

The hotel direction has separated the hotel safety into two wide classs which are safety and security. The direction categorized safety as in the services provided, besides included the building of the hotel inside designed whereby doing certain they are safe built for the employees to work in and in-house invitees.

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However, security in hotel related to menaces that set by people than puting by the physical milieus, which means it depends on the individual who set the security danger that can non be predict ( Policy Department, 2008 ) .

Based on Enz ( 2009 ) personal definition on safety and security, she defined safety as protecting invitee ‘s safety, while maintaining invitees ‘ belongings safe will be included in the security definition. In other words, harmonizing to Enz and Masako ( 2002 ) , safety involves in protecting employees and invitees while in the hotel country from serious injured and decease.

In footings of safety, it can be farther categorized by assorted facets such as fire safety and others facets of hotel safety. As for hotel safety, it includes nutrient safety, swimming pool safety and non burying the hotel ‘s belongings safety such as offense safety ( Policy Department, 2008 ) .

Problem Statements

Training safety and security steps is of import to the cordial reception industry whereby without the of import of steps, the cordial reception and tourim industry will non hold roar so fast. This is because everyone take their life every bit cherished as gold. Unfortunately nowaday, hotels merely used of the tecnology safety and security system to protect their guest. They should hold besides used of developing method and processs to develop their employees and educate invitee as a safeguards for accidents to go on. Morever, the cordial reception should be more concern on which aspects that will hold a high rate of accidents go on in the day-to-day rountine. However, why preparation is important for the cordial reception industry to look upon on? What are the ways that the cordial reception industry able to utilize to develop their employees and invitees to maintain safe from danger? Which aspects must they refer on?

The hypothesis in this research will be done based on the value of the population which the hypothesis statement will be related to the importance of preparation safety and security does lower the per centum of safety and security issues. In this hypothesis research, the writer has used a statement which will give less bad consequence on the consequence.

Basically the above figure shows about this research will be concentrating on several facts and facts such as the facets that the hotel should be more concerned on by implementing ways to protect them. Before the writer determined the facets and ways on protecting the employees and invitee ‘s safety, the writer would wish to explicate on the importance of preparation safety and security on employees and invitees and non merely trusting on the safety and security characteristics such as CCTV and others more.

As for the facets for the hotel to be concerned on will be the fire safety, accident and private safety and offense safety and security. These facets should be concerned on because they will go on in our day-to-day life. Fire is a phenomena facet which we can non foretell to go on, therefore it is of import for the cordial reception to develop the employees and invitees on ways to get the better of it when it happens. As for accidents and private safety, if the employees and guest are teach to forestall them to go on, the rate of accidents will be lower down. For illustration, housekeepers should be trained in a right manner to clean the room with safety steps. Crime happens about every twenty-four hours in our life, therefore the hotel should besides take in safeguards even though there are security constabulary and officers. For illustration, the hotel needs to develop employees on ways to non fall into the condemnable traps when they suspected leery people inquiring in the hotels.

Significance of the Study

Training employees and educate in-house invitees in order to maintain themselves safe and secure is a really of import elements in the cordial reception and touristry industry presents. With the preparation of safety and security, they will make the employees and invitee ‘s satisfaction where they will experience safe merely like they are in their ain house. In the average clip, it will besides increase the attending from the foreigners and travellers if they know the hotel manage good in safety and security affairs, therefore this will convey benefits to the hotel when they need more work force and increase the economic system and position of the hotel.

The writer had recognized the types of preparation methods for employees and invitees to follow to get the better of the negative factors which will do them experience safer while being in the hotel at anytime and anyplace. Furthermore, the effects of these method used will minimise the safety and security issues. This research will assist the organisations in the cordial reception industry to understand the intent of developing safety and security will profit the employees and travellers. This will besides profit the hotel as they pattern and using on the employees and invitees to pull off and better the safety and security steps.

Scope and Restriction

Basically, this research is chiefly concentrating on the method that the hotel ‘s direction uses to develop their employees and educates their in-house invitees in order to maintain them safe and secure, besides help to cut down negative issues that will go on in the hotel and the surrounding. Hotels maintain them safe and secure in footings of avoiding hurts and decease on the employees and invitees when there are accidents, offense and fire.

However, there are several restrictions related to this survey have occurred in order to finish this research successfully. First, it will be the handiness to seek for secondary informations, the electronic beginnings. The writer has faced some troubles in seeking extra information and electronic articles and diaries from the web sites that related to developing safety and security for employees and educating invitees when being in the hotel. Even though, the several college university has provided several beginnings for the writer like academic web sites but there are still lack of beginnings for the writer to roll up more information because some of the diaries and information demand to be purchased before consume. Furthermore, the writer had faced some challenges because of missing experience and cognition in carry oning a proposal. It is a great challenge when the writer does non hold sufficient experience and the accomplishments to roll up strong and good informations for this research.

In this chapter, it will contains the determination of the writers had done research sing on the of import of developing the employees and educate the invitees, besides several ways to develop the employees and educate invitees to maintain safe while they are in the hotel. Besides, it will besides include the factors where the hotel will be more concern on and avoid hurts happened. As for the old research worker ‘s findings and theories, they will be used as back uping information besides guaranting that the methods and factors will be concentrating on will assist in this research. Furthermore, all information and information that have been gathered for this research are from assorted secondary informations beginnings such as electronic articles and diaries.

The word “ preparation ” is means by giving a individual the existent and adequate information to him or her needed in order to work safely. It is non important that developing demand to hold a formal category session or seminars and classs for the employees to go to.

In this coevals, there are assorted facets that make the hotel successful whereby these facets are wellness, safety and sustainability of the attractive forces concern ( Williams 2008 ) . Harmonizing to Pitt ( 2007 ) , in United Kingdom, there are about more than 30 million of working yearss lost in each twelvemonth due to employee ‘s wellness illness and seven million are because of employee injured in the on the job topographic point. Every twelvemonth, there are more than a million of employees enduring from bully while working by their ain co-workers or public.

Therefore, in order to cut down the figure of workplace hurt and others factors, developing employees and invitees to maintain themselves safe while working and remaining in the hotel are important. Based on the research by Health and Safety in the Catering Industry Liaison Committee, there is a legal jurisprudence to supply information and preparation sing to wellness and safety facets to all employees who are needed ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) .

Weitze ( 2008 ) noted that if the hotel direction is missing of employees developing, deficiency of keeping the policies and processs and in conclusion missing of bar, these will all take to a safety related incident. Therefore, it is of import to develop the employees from the hotel itself foremost earlier to educate the invitees.

Furthermore, the staffs of Shangri-la Hotel are the first people who will interact with the invitees once they step into the hotel. It does non count they are from which section of the hotel, as long they are Shangri-la Hotel employees such as bell male child, front desk staffs, housekeepers and more, the employees are responsible to make a civilization of safety and professionalism to maintain themselves safe and maintaining the guest safety and security every bit good ( Kwiecinski, 2010 ) . Therefore, it is important for the direction to develop every employee to be able to confront to confront in any accidents such as fire, constabulary and other exigency services people so that they may assist out if that is a demand ( William, 2008 ) . Based on a wellness and safety director, Duncan Aspin, he had stated that directors need to determine up wellness and safety preparation policy for guaranting every employee have sufficient preparation on safety and security issues to cut down accident ( Mottram, 2005 ) .

For an illustration, harmonizing to Mottram ( 2005 ) , supplying plan sing on staff development and safety preparation has given a manus to North-West division of Birse Civil to accomplish zero percent accident rate, which is besides the top 1 company in UK as building industry for safety. Therefore, developing employees non merely will assist to salvage their lives but besides assist Shangri-la Hotel to lift up hotel position.

Besides Shangri-la Hotel develop their employees to maintain themselves safe and implementing safety and security characteristics for the guest safety, it is besides of import for them to develop their in-house invitees to take attention of themselves every bit good. In general, everyone who travels around and look for adjustments would anticipate they will be safe and their belongings will be unafraid go forthing them in the hotel while they are out for travel. However, sometimes it is difficult to foretell that invitee will be safe by merely depending on the hotel ‘s safety and security characteristics, therefore the invitees should besides larn how to protect themselves off from offenses, accidents and fire.

Harmonizing to the research by Mottram ( 2005 ) , in the twelvemonth of 2003, 80 people who include the invitees and employees of Birse Civils have attended the safety direction and classs. In consequence, the company has recorded as nothing accidents occur within the company country.

Fire accident is an accident whereby we can non foretell when to go on and when non to go on. Even if there is a fire, the invitees might non cognize how to manage because they are non cognizant of it. Therefore, the hotel direction should take safeguards on managing the safety of their employees and invitees. For illustration, sometimes foreign in-house invitees might hold slow respond to the emptying alarms when it rings because they do non hold an understanding state of affairs in the local hotel ( Roberts & A ; Chan, 2000 ) .

Harmonizing to Helena & A ; Natasa ( 2010 ) , in order to protect guest safety, the direction of the hotel needs to educate invitee by supplying instructions, labels and reminders which related to fire bars. The intent of implement this so that invitees will non be panic and nervous when there is fire accident, in fact they will remain unagitated and cognize the manner to go forth the hotel edifice safely.

Throughout the research, as for the fire safeguards to protect the invitee and employees safety, Shareton Hotel did the best in developing their employees to manage fire incident in order to salvage their life and the guest life excessively. They provide full initiation and preparation for all hotel staffs on working safe processs and responses which relate to fire. Besides, new forces will be trained to utilize types of asphyxiators and taught them ways to manage when the hotel is on fire ( Roberts & A ; Chan, 2000 ) .

In the Occupational Safety and Health Act ( OSHA ) , it has stated in 1970 that each working people either adult male or adult female in the state demand to hold a safe and healthful working conditions which besides means that without holding any hurts during the on the job period ( Hobson, 1996 ) . In the cordial reception industry, it is of import for the hotelkeepers to look into this facet because accident can go on in the hotel easy at anytime and anyplace on the employees and invitees.

In the research by Mottram ( 2005 ) , the company of Birse Civils does supply developing to their employees which included first-aid preparation. This preparation is to guarantee that their employees are qualified to the Health and Safety Regulation 1981, which need four yearss developing at St John Ambulance premises. Therefore, as for all cordial reception industry, the direction should supply developing like this as a protection to their employees and invitees safety.

In add-on, in certain clip, housekeeping section has a high per centum of doing accidents when the housekeepers do non handled unsafe chemicals in a proper manner and practising unhealthy airss while cleaning the suites. Due to they are covering with unsafe risky chemicals which will impact their wellness and life, safety and security preparation and orientation are of import and should be pattern in the housework section even though the housekeepers did non manage any machinery. As an illustration, Wyswert hotel does supply preparation and information for the housekeepers on what they are supposed and non supposed to make ( Kristanti & A ; Kuhn, 2005 ) .

However, sometimes it is a portion of the employee ‘s occupations to protect the in-house invitee ‘s safety. Leong ( 2000 ) has stated that the full employees need to be trained so that they know about the security processs to follow on which will be helpful for the invitees. Therefore, developing employees is of import particularly when the forepart desks agent is covering with the reaching invitee ‘s room key. Harmonizing to Kristanti & A ; Kuhn ( 2005 ) and Woods, Ninemeier, Hayes & A ; Austin ( 2007 ) , they have mentioned that forepart desk agents are non allowed to give out keys, room Numberss, messages and mail to anyone from the petitioner without the proprietor ‘s of the room existent individuality. Besides, during the procedure when the forepart desk agent passes the room key to the invitee, they should non denote the invitee ‘s room figure out in the populace.

In add-on, eating house staffs besides play a function in maintaining the invitees safety and security whereby they need to maintain their clients belongings in secure when they are holding their repasts in the several eating house. The eating house director needs to develop the waiter to be more qui vive on the client properties ( Kristanti & A ; Kuhn, 2005 ) .

Presents, violent offense in the workplace has become a universe issue that everyone will concern. Therefore, it is now has become a job to the cordial reception industry that they will be confronting and this job is increasing in other states ( Hobson, 1996 ) . After the incident of a popular vocalist was raped with a knife pointed at her in Long Island motel, the issues of security become a serious issue to all hotels in the United States ( Leong, 2000 ) . Therefore, hotels have aware of offense issues and security system and get down practising offense direction ( Gill, Moon, Seaman & A ; Turbin, 2002 ) . Crime in the workplace has by and large separated into different classs such as robbery and other commercial offenses, employer or other employee direct state of affairss and terrorist act.

In order to minimise the rate of force offense in the cordial reception industry, the direction can beef up the director and supervisors security accomplishments and ways to utilize first AIDSs. It is of import for both of them to be expert in pull offing these securities because they are the one will manage the jobs when there is a job. For illustration of a instance that happened in Pasadena, Texas in 1977, the trough of the hotel did non assist the victim because of lacking of security cognition ( Hobson, 1996 ) .

Besides developing the higher degree of direction, developing the front line employees is needed excessively so that they will hold the cognition on managing it. The direction of the hotel can give preparation such as “ smile preparation ” which known as “ do n’t look them in the eyes developing ” to learn the employees so that they will be more prepare and composure when there is a state of affairs occur. A clear and apprehensible direction should be given in order to avoid contending when there is a robbery ( Hobson, 1996 ) .

Under the research that has been done by Shellum ( 2002 ) , several hotels have taken action to beef up the security issues. They have improved their security-guards preparation and so measure them by criterion operating processs so that it is changeless. Research has shown that consciousness is the most of import tools in order to take attention of safety, therefore the illustration of the hotel has done show the right manner of developing the employees ( Helena & A ; Natasa, 2010 ) . Therefore, they have increased the staff-awareness by giving them more training alternatively of engaging security guards ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) .

In this chapter, the writer will be depicting about the research methodological analysis which will be utilizing to roll up informations for this research and seeing how the informations will make the research aims. With the used of this research methodological analysis by following the construction of guidelines, it will assist the writer to roll up dependable and trustable consequences for the research. In order to prove the consequences for this research, qualitative and quantitative methods will be used as a support with one another and the result of the consequences will be accurate in this research.

Qualitative methods is used for this research whereby it will be rely more upon interviews Sessionss and some instance surveies research covering with some little Numberss of people. The writer will roll up the informations and information by aiming to interview the people in Shangri-la Hotel on how they train their staffs and invitees to maintain themselves safe while being in the hotel. The writer would be after to interview the directors based on one on one footing so that more information included ain sentiments and ideas will be given by themselves. The interview questionnaire will be set and inquire based on the related inquiries stated in Chapter 1.

The advancement of making interview session with the respondent will fundamentally get down with making the interview questionnaires and books that have related to this research. After the advancement of fixing the questionnaire that will be asked to the respondent, puting and carry oning a direct trial stairss will be taken for the interview session. After all, the last subdivision of the procedure will be the writer interview the respondent in one on one footing.

Quantitative method is another portion of research methodological analysis that will be used to roll up information from the respondent. This research method will hold less interview Sessionss and observation. However, it is more towards on the aggregations of the informations and analyzes the numerical informations and statistic. For this research, study technique will be used by making a study questionnaire for the respondent, which is the invitee in Shangri-la Hotel. This is done in order for the writer to hold more apprehension on this research.

In this research, primary informations is of import for the research workers to roll up informations because the information that collected is direct from the respondent itself. Therefore, it will be much more accurate. However, this method that will be used requires more clip, cost and energy to finish. Therefore, the writer needs to pass more attempt in order to roll up great information and information.

The primary informations for this research will be roll uping through one on one interview and questionnaire study. First, the writer will be merely aim the director of each section in Shangri-la Hotel to roll up information and information which relate to this research. The respondent that will be interviewed will be at least at the director degree ; hence the consequences taken will be more utile and dependable. The interview questionnaire will be asked will more base on the ways and the factors of safety and security issues will be concentrating on.

The intent of utilizing interview method is because information that given will be more in deepness and interviewer able to inquire more personal inquiry in order to garner excess information. Besides, it is possible for the interviewer to enter down the conversation during interview session as mentions and cogent evidence with the permission O.K. from the interviewees.

Secondary informations are informations that have gathered and done by old research workers and now go the demands for the current research worker. Besides, secondary informations can be known as ready speedy beginnings with strong facts and grounds. Secondary informations includes books, diaries, articles, intelligence and others more.

As for this research, the secondary informations will be more trusting on the electronic diaries and less on academic text editions. The information collected will be used more on cyberspace beginnings because it is easy to garner valuable informations which have done by person else antecedently. Electronic diaries articles that used to happen relevant articles and diaries as a support for some facts in this research are from the database of EBSCOhost from KDU e-library web sites, Emerald from USCI library web site and Google Scholar. All information that collected from these three web sites is cogency, truth besides free for prejudice.

In add-on, the writer will borrow some books for excess information which relate to the research making from the library of KDU University College at Petaling Jaya campus.

The writer would take non-probability sampling as a tool to take the respondent for this research survey. The writer will be interviewed the directors of Shangri-la Hotel through quota sampling to acquire information. However, quota sampling will non be a helpful tool for the writer to make this research because non everyone is selected to be interviewed, therefore convenience sampling will be usage in study questionnaire. The questionnaire will be distributed to the targeted respondents who are willing to reply the inquiries unfeignedly. With the usage of this method, it gives the writer to hold big figure of full complete questionnaires fast and cheap which help the writer to salvage cost.

In this research, the hotel that the writer choose to make on research is Shangri-la Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, therefore the writer will merely aim the respondents who are the invitees who stays in Shangri-la Hotel regardless of gender or races for the convenient trying. As for the quota sampling, the writer will merely choose people who have a high degree of direction to interview.

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