A Trip from My Homeland to the Home of the Brave

My trip from Saudi Arabia to America was a very long trip, but before getting into details of my actual trip I want to explain why I decided to come to America to study. My decision all started with me thinking about how I can do more with myself. I already received my diploma in chemistry and was working a job as a chemist, but I was not satisfied with my life. I knew I could do more. I told my parents how I thought I could be doing more with my life, They suggested to me that I study in the United States.

I thought it was a good idea and we discussed the many opportunities that I would be granted by studying in the United States, They told me about the scholarship opportunity my government has for students studying in the United States. I was beyond excited. After doing everything I had to do in order to take part in this scholarship, I found out I would be going to America I was excited and scared all at the same time.

I was ready for this chance I was given but I did not want to leave my family.

My family and I have always been very close. My mother is a short women with dark brown eyes. She has the warmest heart and never has a bad thing to say about anyone. My father is very tall. I resemble him a lot, He is stricter than my mother.

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He always knows what to say and avoids conflicts when possible. The time finally came for me to leave my family and go to America. I said good bye to my mother and siblings at home. We all hugged each other and they all wished me luck. My dad stayed with me to take me to the airport. I had the hardest time saying good bye to my mother because her and I are the closest. My mother has always been my super hero. She never gives up on me even when I make bad mistakes. My mother did not want me to leave, but she knew this was a good thing for me because I got to expand on my education and I got to learn a new culture.

My dad and I finally arrived to the airport. We said good bye to each other and I was left alone. This was when I started to get really nervous. I did not know what I was getting myself into, I only knew America from what was shown on the news, It was time for me to discover America on my own. I was ready. I finally made it through the security at the airport and it was time for me to get on the planet My first plane ride would be the longest and the most stressful, at least I thought. The plane was packed full of others hoping to reach America. My first plane went from my country, Saudi Arabia to Washington DC, I was already nervous for coming to America but now something new was thrown at me. The plane broke and we were delayed for two hours. I was stuck in a small room for several hours. There were hideous pictures covering the walls. I remember on in particular of a sloppy flower on top of a hillt I was already stressed about leaving my family and going to a new country but now I had to worry about the broken plane. All that kept going through my head was, after they fix the plane is it really fixed or may it break in the air?

I really did not know what to think Not only did I have the problem of the new country and a broken plane, the guy next to me smelled like he has not showered in two weeks and he would not stay on his side of the seat. The smells was almost like trash that needed to be taken out. He trapped me against window with his body. This man smelled horrible and took up the whole seat. It was finally time for us to take off and fly to a destination DC I did not know how to control my nerves, so I sleptt We landed in Washington like fifteen hours later. My trip was only supposed to be about thirteen hours but the hold up in the beginning added to more hours to the total. I had to stay in Washington DC for two days before I could go to my new city Erie, Pennsylvania. These days allowed me to explore America for the first time and I got to try and adjust to the American culture.

While at my hotel in DC I got thinking about how I no longer had my mom and maid to cook and wash my clothes for me. I had to learn to do all this. I either had to learn or rely on McDonalds and buy new clothes all the time. I knew I could not live like this for the next couple years. But for now this is what I would have to do. The two days passed and it was time to fly to Erie. My nerves started to come back to me all at once. I was getting closer to my new school, my new city, essentially my new life I took a taxi from my hotel to the airport. The security here took a lot longer to get through than it did in my country. I had no clue what the security people were saying to me because I spoke little English. It is a good thing other Saudi guys were also flying to Erie They helped me translate. I finally made it through the security The person next to me on this plane happened to be Saudi, He had greasy hair and a big smile.

His teeth were however yellow, It was nice to sit next to someone I could relate to and talk to. He told me his story and how he has been studying in America for a couple years and that he was nervous like me when he first came. He gave me some good advice on what to do and what not to do while in America He made me a little more confident, We finally landed in Erie. I started to get excited after talking to the other Saudi. He really gave me some good advice on what to do in the United States and not what to do. He explained the culture and how you must learn the language as quickly as possible, He said that I shouldn‘t become discouraged because eventually I will speak fluently. I then took a taxi to my university, Gannon University. When I arrived I was greeted with the international office who helped me adjust and I was able to start looking for an apartment to stay in I was able to stay off campus because I was above the age of twenty-one My apartment that I found was small, but nice. I was glad on the size because it meant less cleaning for me. My classes staned a couple days after my arrival.

Before starting classes though I had to attend to the new student orientation, This orientation was meant for the international students. It helped us to adjust into the transition of a new school, new country, and a new culture During the orientation I was able to meet new friends, who were also from Saudi Arabia. Before I could actually start studying my degree I had to take ESL classes, ESL stands for English as a Second Language. Many of my classmates were Chinese or Arabic. There were many levels that students in this program have to pass in order to take academic classes, I studied in this program for a few years and was able to start academic classes last semester, The United States is no longer scary and I have learned a lot of life lessons while studying here I have learned how to clean, cook, do my own laundry, and many more important lessons America at first was a scary transition, but now it is a great opportunity that has taught me a lot and showed me a different part of the world outside of the television and movies.

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