The Need for Bilingual Education in Schools for Better Communication

As a bilingual person, I am for bilingual education. I speak Spanish and English, my first language is English, I didn’t start learning. Spanish until I was around ten years old and started to live in a household that spoke primarily Spanish. As the years went by I became fluent in both languages for most intents and purposes, it would have been nice for school to be bilingual because at home I was speaking only Spanish. Because school was not bilingual what ended up happening was my language became stunted.

Today I find myself learning more words in English that I should already know by now but I only learned in Spanish, just funny things like “whisk” and “artichoke”. Since I only spoke Spanish in casual environments, I don’t really know how to speak formal Spanish, the opposite happened to me with English because I only spoke the language at school lam oblivious to most common kitchen words and house supplies, this is to the point where I feel cultural blocks when I am chatting in a casual environment with primarily English speaking folk.

Bilingual programs “support students with limited English proficiency by teaching the at least part of the time in their native language”, I think that had I had my schooling half in Spanish it would have helped my vocabulary and overall communication skills. Students like to feel like the instructors like them, I think that if the teacher speaks the student’s native language then they are more likely to have the student identify with them and just make the bonding process easier also, “valuing and honoring new immigrants‘ languages enhances their self—esteem and their possibility for academic success”.

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If the students feel like the teachers understand them then they will be able to communicate their questions more confidently, and thus learn more.

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