Overview Film Series Il giovane Montalbano by Andrea Camilleri Review

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Probably every Italian television viewer knows the ” Il Commissario Montalbano ” series, of which the Italian state television RAI has already aired 26 episodes from 1999 to 2013. The success of this congenial film adaptations of Andrea Camilleri ur-Sicilian detective novels was so convincing that a second series was launched, which deals with the professional beginnings of the Commissioner Salvo Montalbano in the early nineties: ” When I first heard about the project to” Il Commissario Montalbano “a series’ll placed on the history, I was extremely skeptical.

must not fail each Actors team when it against popular stars from competing (then) 22 episodes need? must it does not come to a disappointing break when thinking of one in aims to build thirteen compressed atmosphere

But is Details zu “Il giovane Montalbano – La prima indagine di Montalbano”? ” Although Michele Riondino willowy is , has a thick head of curls and si ch by purely external significantly from its alter ego Luca Zingaretti settles, the two can actually be one and the same Salvo Montalbano go through, as both master the sophisticated, subtle facial expressions, the rapid change in the emotions that many .

different pitches, the salvos beings characterize the other actors deviate more from their predecessors – no, successors! – from.

Sarah Felber tree Livia is sweet to melt away, where Katharina Boehm often retains a touch astringency and skepticism. The mature Mimì Augello (Cesare Bocci), while still not Kostverächter, but much more down to earth than in his youth (Alessio Vassallo): one as he looks with his narrow lip mustache like a cross between Clark Gable and Rudolph Valentino and leads to such papagallo from the fifties … a veritable miscast seems to me alone Catarella: Angelo Russo are in the main series a small, stocky, lively, slow-witted Tolpatsch ago, the already abundant caricature trains carrying.

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Fabrizio Pizzuto but must constantly draw: From him not a normal sentence, not a normal gesture comes – and then he is also tall and thin Derlei but is only noticeable when comparing the two series;. one remains within ” Il giovane Montalbano “, soon face similar sensations one as when watching the original series: a successful, coherent concept, a faithful transposition of Camilleri templates, an entertaining film series at a high level.

In addition to the protagonists, it is populated by a variety grumpy, mostly amiable types, such as the retired geometro (in “Details zu” Il giovane Montalbano – Ritorno all origini “” After six episodes can be ” Il giovane Montalbano ” next to the established hit series ” Il Commissario Montalbano ” shiny exist – both are independently created, realized convincing and harmonize beautifully with each other they owe the last but not least the robust common literary foundation. Andrea Camilleri Übersicht all Montalbano-Kriminalromane in Italian and Englis h on books reviews “

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Overview Film Series Il giovane Montalbano by Andrea Camilleri Review
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