In strict confidence by Andrea Camilleri Review

1929 – In quiet Sicilian vigata in the coming days, a young man is expected to arrive. He wants to study at the School of Mines and conclude with a diploma. Even before his arrival run all wires hot. The State Department sent a letter on August 20 with more information on the future students to the principal of the school: This is a nephew of Haile Selassie, the Negus Negesti, King of kings and Emperor of Ethiopia. He is under the special protection of His Excellency Benito Mussolini, who would like to clarify any possible problem meeting with the faithful fascist population in advance – for the noble prince is after all a Negro.

Any confrontation must be stopped. The Ministry will pay all costs.

So the prince has a free ride and free rein, it will use sufficiently. It will take no day on which he does not provide for trouble. Once there, in ragged clothes, a pillow case over his shoulders, he goes to the House of Pleasure first.

The remuneration of three women has the brigadiers advance, because, unfortunately, the prince on the train from Palermo to vigata was robbed completely. That later turns out the alleged attack as a lie and the prince had gambled his money playing cards with three farmers, must remain secret. One can find a solution and blocked two tramps who plead guilty, a week in jail -. With free board and lodging.

An African subhuman thus leads all around by the nose, they play against each other and enriched to lead through constant claims to the befitting life of a prince.

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He knows that Benito Mussolini wants to use it for its diplomatic goals: He should make protecting help if the Duce secure the border between Somalia and Ethiopia and would press ahead with its expansion plans. In this sense Mussolini can order the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the prince may sing in a letter to his uncle praises of fascist Italy and come to Rome.

But you have the bill made without the landlord -. The prince leaves not so easy to conduct. To Rome he does not want that one could also meet in Vigata, and dictate a letter to him would cost a few thousand lire.

He is indeed gone too far. The Duce makes a Negro but no regulations. As a way the prefect Montelusa suggests a higher price and modifies the plans so that agree with both the State Department and the Prince and can save face.

But again thwart unforeseen incidents cooperation. Club of the nobles of the Dark Prince takes namely just on the chair space, the eternally for His Majesty King Vittorio Emanuele III. is reserved for this on a flying visit popped in here once. The outrageous justification ( “My ass is the your king in every way.” Page 231) draws an inevitable duel for himself, his right hand injured in which the prince. For now, he can not write a letter, and the follow-up costs due to the limited usefulness of the prince’s hand are hard to pay for. On behalf of the Duce the community vigata may provide financial start-up help.

Finally, the “bloody nigger” travels, like him of the Federation Secretary titled (page 139), but even for Rome -. Although by train instead of the proposed seaplane for it but in his luggage the decent worked sum of 75,000 lire in his company, the ugly nigger brown Michi Lina and behind them a trail of turmoil in vigata if all the brothel visits, the love affairs with men and maidens, the suicide attempts of dupes, the financial anger with Banca di Italia, etc.

When the secret service in Rome to open his letter, she read what he thinks of his hosts, he has exploited heartily: “you are dumb as donkeys, but consider themselves to be smart as a fox. ” (P 252).

In fact visited in the years 1929-32 Prince Brhane Selassie, Haile Selassie’s nephew, the Royal School of Mines in Caltanisetta and received his diploma. but everything else is fiction. Only Andrea Camilleri dominated it from this little event is a farce to create a revealing fine copy.

Implementation. (Original title: ” Il nipote del Negus”) is unique. Camilleri does not choose the usual form of a novel, but we learn what is happening in stiff official language formally correct written operating procedures on behalf of the Duce, from responses to carefully presented concerns from logs of writing that are to remain strictly confidential, of dialogues without preliminary spokesman indication and verb make do, from recent newspaper clippings, from telephone calls and at the end – with increasing urgency – of telegrams.

Delicious, as Camilleri disgraced which aufplusternden officials and outclassed.. Even the simplest bailiff obey submissive and dutifully covered up and pushes blame others for when things go wrong. will be demonstrated that Fascist Italy calculated from a despised blacks, the icing on the cake is the grotesque. The wily negro is the only Clever – all other figures are hard to beat on stupidity. Blind follow its motto: faith, obedience, fighting. Viva il Duce!

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In strict confidence by Andrea Camilleri Review
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