The Smile of Signorina by Andrea Camilleri Review

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Salvo Montalbano once went to school in Vigata, were discussed in his Italian lessons also Ludovico Ariosto’s epic poem of about 1516 ” Orlando Furioso “, the “Orlando Furioso”. One incident is particularly impressed the sixteen: When Roland at the court of his uncle, the charming Chinese princess Angelica sees, he robbed his current love literally mad.

The mature commissario now. 58, hits just as the lightning to him as Angelica Cosulich met, a bank teller from the north. Even her home was hit by a gang of burglars who currently become a disturbance in Vigata.

As the thirty year-old woman presents itself to him – dead gorgeous, full of sensual vitality to a anathema in the eyes, which no one can escape more – so the princess Montalbano has imagined back then. His age does not keep him from falling into it, and that his Dauerverlobte Livia in sleep things says that fuel a terrible suspicion in it, it makes any scruples: He embarks on a passionate affair in this state between Torschlusspanik, raging jealousy, wild desire and nostalgic remembrance of youthful fantasies literary models return to his sense; next to Ariosto he recites from memory the ” Adolescente ” (the praises of a very young woman) by Vincenzo Cardarelli (1887-1959), and all that is pure kerosene for his emotional fire: “A sponge divers will stoop / and this rare pearl pick “.

In addition to his private trials and tribulations deal with the commissario of course, the work-related: Behind the wily burglary series are packed with a mysterious”.

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Signor Zeta ” Montalbano of bold challenges – and of course lose. In this he assist its proven employees, especially Fazio, who understands what is going on with his boss in front of him, and stands by his side up over the edge of legality out.

Not only the commissario, but also our readers do not miss that Salvo is aging, and the same goes for Camilleri and his relationship with his protagonists. The themes are repeated – Salvos repeatedly stumbling and yet firm ground place long-distance relationship to Livia, his fascination with beautiful young women, his suddenly changing moods between bursts of temper and tender affection – as many details of the criminal cases that are quite tricky and surprises involve, but are never thriller. And yet here is a brilliant author has created a character wearing for decades a novel series successfully and convincingly that develops and yet remains true to its basic features, which we recognize as an old friend, even if he has changed. So the reading is “The smile of Signorina” (incidentally, the German dubbed version of the film is entitled”.

Finally, a little look behind the scenes for those of you who speak more or less Italian. a hallmark Camilleri is the Sicilian, in which he now fully written his novels. Initially used only in dialogues, he has now created based on the dialects of his home an artificial language, which also demands Italians courage to many a gap because an official dictionary will Camilleri not give. necessity when transferring into other languages ​​have to this part of the linguistic nature are completely lost. But the translator must capture the intricacies of course. here’s a little sample of the performance of Rita Seuss and Walter Kögler that since some time Montalbano mysteries translate for Bastion-Luebbe: Originaltext: Comportarisi con quella picciotta come un ‘nnamurato di sidici anni! ‘Na cosa era spasimari a sidici anni davanti al disigno di una fìmmina, e’ n’altra cosa è il mittirisi a fari cretino con una picciotta ‘n carni e ossa. Aviva fatto Confusioni tra il sogno di picciotto e la realtà di uno squasi sissantino.

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The Smile of Signorina by Andrea Camilleri Review
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