La piramide di fango by Andrea Camilleri Review

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The story

mysteriously raises the next case requires a shadow. A nightmare troubled the commissario Montalbano. He staggers, threatens to collapse a kerosene lamp in his hand through a dark tunnel, which at any moment. Behind him, he heard the gasps and moans of the injured who complains of not being able to keep pace because of his loss of blood; then he falls forward to the ground. From the back of the skull protrudes a large kitchen knife. A huge gust of wind blows Salvos light, and the studs crashing together …

The reality of vigata proves to be no less hostile than Salvos dreamland.

Heavy rain has set the whole area under water and torrential have caused landslides, roads, gardens, fields and olive groves sink into gray-brown mud. Throughout the novel’s action there will be no better weather.

On a construction site, a body was found. Giugiù (Gerlando) Nicotra is the dead, and he worked for a large construction company, which was concerned just with the peripheral public contract of a water pipe.

Man-high concrete pipes are laid in the ground; in a newly created tunnel they will pass under a hill. After the flood last night is the site a pale, bottomless mud landscape, protrude from the bizarre giant machines like dinosaur skeletons.

What one finds on circumstantial evidence points to a strange course of events. Thus Nicotra was shot at night in the back and then fled seriously injured in the pouring rain and only underwear dressed on a bike his wife to the construction site.

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There he hid with his last strength in the tunnel, where he died. Montalbano interprets these troublesome last flight as an attempt to leave a message for the investigators: The key to enlightenment of my death is to be found in the field of construction

Also Nicotras private environment holds some puzzles ready.. For not only his German wife Inge – anything but a loyal wife – disappeared without a trace, but also a mysterious roommate of her house, which was six months previously pulled – apparently a frail old uncle. No one knows his name, no one has ever seen him, and there in the house not a fingerprint from it.

villetta multiple searches surprising secrets will reveal only in the course, open the research on Nicotras professional activities and connections insights into a parallel world. Controlled by a few actors, a network determines all public procurement of companies. Tenders are manipulated agreed services refrain ignored material specifications, execution delayed for years, driven up costs. this is all because influential politicians, complacency appraisers, lawyers and government employees play possible.

But that’s not enough. The long-standing silently smoothly running business is out of step, boost as ambitious bosses to expand their sphere of influence and want to realize unexpected money laundering models. The calls rival mafia clans and the establishment of the plan. To defend what has been achieved, all means are right: false accusations and false confessions, intimidation and extortion, burglaries and assassinations. Also mix with authorities, for example by building sites shut down.

In this marsh must find the police on their way. At about the half Montalbano arrived at the beautiful metaphor that you give them, to lead them astray, “un gran teatro”

The characters

The eternal relationship between Salvo and Livia had recently been a heavy burden, as the North Africans François came during a police action killed. as a child he had fled to Sicily, and was shot when his mother, Livio and Salvo had toyed with the idea, the awakened, cheerful boy to adopt That never happened, but they followed and supported François’ life as if he were her son His early and tragic death eluded both the ground under their feet;… Livia fell into depression but now she finds a small Comforter in shape of the female Selene, and Salvo is happy that she seems to be back on the road to its former being. at the end of the case Nicotra he will travel to Liguria Boccadasse to visit her, and he also has a gift for Selene in luggage.

Salvo own worries, as I used to because of its age and the decreasing sharpness of his senses. Here, it can neither mental power nor appetite down. Even with his colleagues, who are loyal to him, he liked quarrels. His deputy Mimì Augello ever get a broadside from irony ( “Beati gli occhi che ti vedono!”

The salt in the soup are also in the film adaptations [Read on the Montalbano TV movies to books reviews “

Embassies and deeper meaning

From the first lines on the author emphasizes the socially critical relevance of the case:” here my current index La prima sera, in televisione, il commissario aveva sentito uno scienziato dire che tutta l’Italia era a rischio di un gigantesco disastro geologico perché non c’era mai stato un governo che si fosse seriamente occupato del mantenimento del territorio.” / p >

the dim setting of the novel – the constant rain, the mud, the grotesque construction site -. is steeped in symbolism, the linkages, revealing the Salvo, vigata have, the province Montelusa Sicily and how Montalbano himself speculated throughout Italy as a fungal tissue durchzoge n, and the motive of the morass, the sink, the whole area can be designed perfectly to all image planes “Il mud della corruzione, delle Schmiergelder”

Even Catarellas idiosyncratic phonetics contributes to interpretation by creating to bring together “sangue” “mud” and …

The dirt changes its appearance. At one point he disguised a fifteen meters high technical building a pyramid, then flows from the tip, and there remains a kind Babylonian Stufenbau. In his consideration associated Montalbano, as it has always been his specialty, almost physically, the structures of his current case. “? Sa che dentro alla piramide di Cheope nessuno per lungo tempo ci è potuto entrare perché non si riusciva a scoprire l’accesso Poi qualcuno ha gli rotto indugi e ha praticato un foro nella parete …” So he finds his strategy: ” [fare] un buco nella parete della piramide “,” decapitando la piramide. ” A tiny detail also illustrates that not all hope is vain: “Il mud sicco non era Il mud secco non era più una copertura compatta.”

The storytelling

a complex case, a relevant message, a compelling visual concept – why only left me this novel seems cold, yes bored

Unfortunately, there are few telling scenes in this novel, and only two or three of them . I have really experienced tension and dense atmosphere The biggest part is pure dialogue (the proportion of total direct speech text is in “La piramide di fango” 56.9% – for comparison. “Read my review here Andrea Camilleri: “the revolution of the moon” in Books Reviews “

This is because of the same old design of the talks Fazio claims that he has discovered for details, Mimì Augello reports on his excursions; we discussed. a bit, looking at the information au s this or that perspective, and the climax is reached when the boss introduces the bold theory with surprise that he has thought in silence ( “diventarono semper più chiaro dentro alla sua testa”


A pleasure of a special kind is always to read Camilleri artfully contrived Sicilian. What seems at first glance to be completely unintelligible gibberish, leaves after a few pages show through a consolidated set of rules. For amusing confusion pronunciation specialty care such as “un colpo di pistola”

By the way, rejects Andrea Camilleri it off to create a glossary; he believes (rightly) that it is possible the importance of” his “words open up entirely out of context. But even as his compatriots in cases of hardship like to vocabulary lists like zur Webseite “Il Camilleri-linguaggio” “

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