Overview film series Il Commissario Montalbano by Andrea Camilleri Review

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In 1999 beamed the Italian state television RAI, the first episode of the Camilleri adaptations made under the series title ” Il Commissario Montalbano “. Until February 2018 32 films crossed the screen. (You can find

From the beginning, the shipments were a hit all consequences achieved outstanding audience :.. Nine to ten million viewers (approximately 61 million inhabitants) (for By comparison, the “Tatort” episodes from November 2011 to November 2012 reached 7 to 9.5 million viewers (approximately 82 million inhabitants.), only the Münster variant managed 11.4 million) in 2012 then was even a second.. series launched: “Übersicht and meetings for film series “Il giovane Montalbano” on books Rezensionen”

Montalbano statue by sculptor Giuseppe Agnello in Porto Empedocle ( 2009) © www.buecherrezensionen.org “

In the main series is the actor Luca Zingaretti quite ideal and differentiates the protagonist, his Austrian colleague Katharina Boehm is the Dauerverlobte Livia from Liguria. director always led Alber . To Sironi (For ” Il giovane Montalbano ” took director Gianluca Maria Tavarelli younger staff; was chosen Michele Riondino for the lead role and Sarah Felberbaum as Livia) So congenial Zingaretti seems to embody the commissario -. now should each be distinctive face have in mind when the name Salvo Montalbano falls -. but you should know that Andrea Camilleri had a very different character of his hero in mind and in the early novels described (for example, with a mustache). In Camilleri’s birthplace Porto Empedocle 2009, a statue was erected, with is said to have inspired the sculptor Giuseppe Agnello Camilleri ideas of its protagonists.

scripts of all films were in close cooperation with Andrea Camilleri written and are oriented generally very close to the novels; whole dialogue parts can read, so to speak. Stairs © www.buecherrezensionen.org: addition, however, new supporting characters

Ragusa Ibla been developed, others from the literary sources varied and integrated almost always motives from various short stories. “

Perhaps the most extensive change relates to the locations . Camilleri considers it important that all places exist only in his imagination; but you can see the novels probably on the south coast between Sciacca (Fiacca?), Agrigento (Montelusa?) and Porto Empedocle (Vigata?) situate. The films were, however, turned in southeastern Sicily – in the magnificent baroque cities of Ragusa, Modica, Scicli and Noto and the sea at Punta Secca (. Since the exterior shots in front of Montalbano’s house were shot on the beach), Sampieri (with the Fornace Penna < / em>, the ruins of a brick of about 1,910, more impressive location for example in “Details to “Il inspector Montalbano-La forma dell’acqua””

a large part of the pleasure that we – and certainly many Italians – feel while watching the film, is the leisurely camera settings thanks to the piazze , palazzi , chiese , < em> vicoli the town with its flights of stairs, balconies, terraces and views constantly tastefully set the scene.

Often needs the inspector also research in the country, and then it goes over bumpy strade bianche (dust roads) to humble shepherds houses and sheep barns or even old, finely appointed, sometimes a bit rundown farmhouses where we are opening up fascinating insights into vast salons, cellars and parks. Noblest lives (as might be expected), the old Mafia clan boss Don Balduccio Sinagra: He lives in an opulent, Donnafugata Castle, which we as in “Details to “Il Inspector Montalbano par condicio””

Meanwhile, a clever organized has Tourism designed to the locations – indication of the enduring popularity of the series .

in these places can be found at the place where all panels, often in the form of standing desks, with a few photos of the rotated here scene and the associated dialogs – great purpose sprout ristoranti from the ground that! pretend to be la vera trattoria di Montalbano and the like …

the attractive locations are not only superficial atmosphere rather You can feel that they are actually .

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home of . characters , which, deeply rooted in it, they appreciate and love From the simplest shepherds over the petty bourgeoisie to the protagonists speak all – meh r or less intense – the local dialect, which already Camilleri gleefully celebrated in his novels and is set in the movies with all the registers in scene: gesticulating hands, expressive facial expressions, sweeping body language, accompanied by a melodic chant and clear accentuation provide great theater when a dispute fought completed transactions, friendships are renewed. High contrast gentlemen – lacquered officials, for example – often speak without an accent, but rhetorical. About the dialect, who “belongs to” decides is excluded or. (German crime film productions, however, are linguistically largely standardized. They differ indeed scenic and architecturally, but the people are almost never in their area real “home.” In this regard, the films are flat and interchangeable.)

Not unlike it is with the plot . Neither Camilleri’s novels or the movies are thrillers, as we masse shopping from Scandinavia or the English-speaking world. Brutality never occurs to the fore like there: morgue there – except in “Details to “Il Commissario Montalbano Tocco d’artista””

Not that Montalbano World heal would be. With individually instigation of crimes (theft, extortion, murder) there is there an organized and systemic crime (Mafia, drugs, human trafficking, exploitation, excesses of globalization). But the view of the world is not so . designed theoretical and abstract as evocative in some disasters political thriller Because as much able to grab some “crime scenes”, they act but often programmatic and rational-critical constructed: your grim reality are neglected apartment buildings, vulgar sex, cruel brutality shocking lack of compassion and almost stereotypically put the police in a hopeless marriage crises and evil corruption affairs up to the highest circles – as it would be p olitically incorrect appear even a glimmer of “ideal world” to let

Camilleri but is humanity in the foreground. the characters – on both sides of the law! – should not represent groups, classes, trends, but are complex individuals. For most of you can develop despite their errors compassion. The warm, humane access features Camilleri’s complete works and creates peaceful, unemotional stories. They lecture and not teach – they are simply only life. Perhaps therein lies the real secret of success of the Montalbano novels and their film adaptations: The Inspector and his colleagues are like old friends – it is estimated its merits, accepted their quirks, wonders about unusual outages, followed with interest how they change. But you can always rely on them.

The BBC has bought at least the first 22 episodes of ” Il Commissario Montalbano ” and partly synchronized since 2008, partly broadcast in their original language – similar in Australia and France (France 3). At the Berlinale 2012 Part 1 came from ” Il giovane Montalbano ” among the finalists in the category “Prix Europa 2012 – Best Television Production”. For the German e television audience but Montalbano probably not good enough. ZDF has just bought the first four episodes of the series, synchronized and – hardly noticed – broadcast at night-time. The critics complained, for example, that the translation is stiff. Camilleri without linguistic Esprit without leaving the game with the dialect? Thus the German-public section was unfortunately terminated.

However, it must also be in the German language be a significant fan base, because the Montalbano mystery novels by Andrea Camilleri appear one after the other in German spending, and are even wonderful, elaborate “secondary literature” like “Lesen here my review of Martina Meuth and Bernd Neuner-Duttenhofer: “Andrea Camilleri’s Sicilian Küche: the culinary passions of Commissario Montalbano”

on books Rezensionen” < p> the Austrian commercial broadcaster Servus TV has recognized the gap in the market and can synchronize the movies. the consequences 1 to 18 of ” Il Commissario Montalbano ” were to between April and August 2011, erstausgestrahlt German, in July 2013 was followed by the parts 19 to 22. and Servus TV seems to be on the ball: You have the whole “Il giovane Montalbano” series synchronized (He stsendung from 07.30.2013).

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Overview film series Il Commissario Montalbano by Andrea Camilleri Review
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