Maruzza Musumeci by Andrea Camilleri Review

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This is the first part of a The individual titles of the trilogy can be found listed at the end of the page.”

Gnazios caring care turns this place into a garden full of plants and animals, in which he built himself a house. Luckily for him, the soon-fifties now missing is a family.

The old Pina, a healing herb competent little woman, brings him to the fabulously beautiful, young, but something strange Maruzza Musumeci together. Again Gnazio loses his heart.

It turns out, is that Maruzza, like their ancestors, sometimes transformed into a siren whose singing raunender beguiles the senses of men. Before she agrees to a wedding, you must Gnazio promise that it allows its metamorphoses and allows

In a magical night ceremony to marry the two. Over the years, they get four children, and how the family, so grows their house …

In this charming, imaginative, masterful in all respects narrative mix mythical, magical and folk elements. Gnazios and Maruzzas garden, located in the contrada Ninfa, is the place of their hopes and desires of life and death, and it is reminiscent of Odysseus’ home island of Ithaca.

The dialogues of the sirens come directly from the Odyssey.

But this plot is set in a real rural Italy in the early 20th century. Find tremendous upheavals take place; Fascism comes up and takes power; The Second World War breaks out, and son Cola has to fight.

So the story retains its grip. Like the great legends of antiquity, but transposed into our world, it illustrates that sincere love, trust and loyalty can overcome all obstacles.

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Suitable admits these traditional subjects Camilleri the Sicilian dialect much Room. The result is an almost musical language that picks up the peculiarities of oral storytelling, as developed since time immemorial in the villages and maintained. For us non-Italians that makes reading initially disconcerting; but after a few pages, we listen to while reading Sicilian talk

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