Promotion Of Healthy Eating Among Students

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In my opinion, there are many ways we can do to promote healthy eating and an active lifestyle among university students. we go to how to promote healthy eating among the university students first. Firstly, taking a balanced or healthy diet. as we know, students now spend a lot of time doing the tasks given by lecturers. So many lazy people move out of the room to buy food. So, the simple steps taken by the students are usually eating fast food such as Maggi, crackers and so on.

this should not happen among university students because everyone knows when we take a lot of fast food, it will be harmful to our health.

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So, taking a balanced and healthy diet is very important. For example, students are advised to take their daily meals from a combination of foods based on the Malaysian pyramid.

Secondly, switch snacks replace unhealthy snacks, such as sweets and icebergs with nourishing dishes such as fruits and vegetable vegetables.

In addition, low-fat yogurt, peanut butter, and full-grain crackers are also suitable. Do not forget to buy fruit every time you go to the market and put the fruit on the table in the bowl so it is easy to see. Make sure the fruit and vegetables are stored in the refrigerator to be eaten as a fast-food conversion. With this, we have been promoting healthy eating habits in our lives.

Last but not least, the way we promote healthy eating is through healthy communication. Health communication is a well-behaved, behaviorally based activity that can have a positive effect on our attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that are related to our health. The purpose of health communication is to change people’s knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors by improving risk perceptions, strengthening positive behaviors, improving the support and service abilities needed, and empowering individuals to change or improve their health. In addition, social media strategies can also be used to communicate health messages. for example, via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others.

Finally, prepare foods with less salt and sauces. more students nowadays are very fond of eating fast food. everyone knows fast food mostly has a lot of salt. Taking a lot of salt in the diet will make it easier dayer for us to get diseases like stroke and more. so university students must stop the bad habits of those who like to eat fast food does not get any harmful diseases in the future. Moreover, fast food also has more harm than good. There has been a lot of news about the students suffering from diseases such as kidneys at a young age due to poor dietary practices of fast food.

Then, my third point is participating in activities that increase flexibility, strength,  and endurance of the muscles, as frequently as two to three times a week. Example of flexibility exercises is including yoga, tai chi, and stretching exercise. flexibility activities, all major muscle groups some tips can be exercised. flexibility exercise should be performed in at least four repetitions for each muscle group. Stretching should always be part of our routine. Stretching improves flexibility and range of motion. It may also cut your risk of injury or muscle cramps. Finally, stretching improves circulation throughout the body.

Lastly is exercise. to do exercise activity in the event of a busy student schedule is not an easy thing. however, there are numerous benefits from this exercise activity. So, some tips can start your step in the exercise. Firstly, start your exercise with stretching. Stretching is important to prevent us from getting injured during exercise. Examples of easy exercises for a student are cycling. as we know, students who want to go to class will take a bus or drive. Try changing by riding a bike to the class. With that, you can not only boost your body but you can also have good health.

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