Causes Of Ecological Crisis

Causes and Solutions to our Ecological Crisis The ecological crisis is a long term threat to the earth’s well being. Throughout traditional western views there is a pattern of exploitation that cannot be ignored, because it has put the earth and its inhabitants in a precarious position. The west has completely removed any sacred meaning from nature; there is no longer any relationship between humans, spirits, and the natural aspects of the planet. In addition to this, the anthropocentric view that the west holds has brought about the ecological degradation of our planet; viewing nature as meeting to be controlled and dominated, rather than respected and honored, The lack of a relationship between nature and western religion has caused an extreme disconnect, and therefore, a view of the natural world as something that should not be considered sacred or divine.

As Kinsley states this view has, “… Aid the foundation for [the] scientific and technological manipulation Of nature’ (104).

Without the notion that our surroundings are just as significant and alive as humans are, we are unable to have the same respect for our natural rounding’s that we do for the technological advancements that we use to exploit it.

Instead Of living symbiotically, this view that nature is spiritually insignificant has caused the western world to, “… E nature as completely unsacred and passive, fit to be controlled and manipulated by human beings” (Kinsley 104). The demystification of nature directly leads into the second idea of anthropocentric. This view makes nature and humankind dichotomous; instead symbiotic or working together, western religion, “… Sets human beings against nature, makes human beings superior to, and in control of, tauter’ (Kinsley 104), The exploitation of our planet is validated because western religion and society views our planet as something that was, “… Reared primarily, if not exclusively, for humankind” (Kinsley I [IS), The ideology that humankind is superior to the rest of nature is embedded into western culture and reinforced by our excessive use of the planets nonrenewable and renewable resources; we take what eve can, leaving little for the rest and creating uninhabitable space for life.

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The Australian Aboriginal Religion is a network that the western culture can sake many lessons from, the primary being that a symbiotic relationship with the land is momentous for the well being of humankind and the natural landscape alike.

Planet In Crisis Essay

Through many different types of ceremonies and rituals, the Aborigines showcase their immense respect Of the land and their belief that, the land is alive with significance, power and criticality. The land defines who the Aborigine is ; it is necessary to know the land to know oneself. The land has a Story to it, and this story defines, locates, and orients each of it inhabitants” (Kinsley 23). TO them, their surroundings are literally alive; souls Of their ancestors inhabit the very ground they walk on, the very stones they overturn and the animals themselves are also given the same amount of respect any person would be given The west could really use this view of symbiosis when it comes to their dichotomous relationship with the natural landscape and spirituality. The religions of the Chinese are ones that emphasize, “… Remaining in harmony with, or restoring harmony with, the natural rhythms of the cosmos” (Kinsley 69).

Everything is interrelated and interdependent; one thing cannot do well Without he other and vise versa. The world is viewed as complete wholeness, there are no outside effects, such as an outside being having created IL In Chinese religion there is an extreme lack of opposition when it comes to the, “primal forces of nature in action” (Kinsley 71). Instead, they compliment each Other, shifting back and forth smoothly and without struggle. As Kinsley states, aha view is one of unity that is constantly undergoing dynamic, rhythmic, harmonious change” (71). Their relationship with nature is one of respect and realization hat they are only a very small part of the cosmos; that there is a responsibility to share and co-exist, Kinsley points out, “… They do not tend to make a radical distinction between… Animate and inanimate aspects of nature Everything… Has vitality’ (70).

The Chinese view of balance and harmony is one that the west really needs to use. Knowing that taking and using resources excessively, without putting anything back but pollution, throws everything off and not only creates an uninhabitable environment for us, but also for our natural surrounding- animate or inanimate, big or small.

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Causes Of Ecological Crisis
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