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I movement believed helping the poor was a duty I the social reformers also I There is still government subsidized That were divided into several land created settlement houses. Hull House in Reworked for legislative reform lousing that isn’t always in the bests limits to house more families in Chicago founded in 1889 was the best known Tit help the public and neighborhoods. Homelessness remains al Lethe same amount of space, settlement house in the U.

S. It was based on eliminator working conditions Problem in the U. S.

I Tenements were cheap crowded and I settlement house visited by Jane Addams in I for women and children I London I luminary’s. I The problem was addressed by passing laws to I The Social Gospel Movement I There are laws that strictly govern I I Child Workers- Because people Prevent child labor. Labor unions didn’t and other social reformers the hours that teens can work as well lower so poor families needed for Bother to address the issue Of children While lilied to help people develop lass the establishment of minimum wage.

I lither children to work.

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It was Fighting their own issues. Social reformers I skills and shorten the length accessory for everyone to Such as Mary Harris “Mother Jones fought for I of work days. This was the Lethe workers. Child labor was her most I ‘contribute to the household beginning of what is known I I I income for a family to survive.

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I important cause. I today as social work. I Health Hazards in Growing Cities-I Cities slowly introduced filtration and 11th took a long time to make 11th is still necessary to closely I I Major cities introduced public I chlorination to improve water safety. Sure residents had access to I monitor our nation’s eater supply. Autoworker however many residents I Many cities had their own sanitation I sate water. Many companies have contaminated I had to collect water from faucets I departments and created sewer systems, I Many citizens still suffered I water the ground with unsafe and Ion the street. Improper dumping. I I from horses being used for From unclean conditions. Oasis problems with cleanliness Things have improved drastically however there Will always be problems I transportation & pollution from Twit pollution. Factories emitting smoke and dealt The JET Townsend Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to better the lives of children and adults with disabilities on the First Coast by providing financial assistance, adaptive equipment and research funding. JET Townsend was a junior at Episcopal High School in Jacksonville when his life was forever changed during a football game. He had a high GAP and a promising career in sports. He was completely paralyzed and blows into a tube to operate a wheelchair.

He graduated from university of North Florida in April 2013. He died f a heart attack last week in his home. JET touched the lives of many in the First Coast area and has many volunteers and sponsors including The Players (PEG), Wells cargo Bank. What he did by giving back was amazing. Interviewed Mina Strickland in Point Veda. She has volunteered for this organization for years because she was so moved by this story and touched by his personality when she met with him. She helps to promote events that raise money and awareness Of the need in this community.

The need in this community is that many families cannot afford equipment that s necessary for day to day life but insurance refuses to pay for IL The reward is the feeling of seeing a family get what they need simply by talking to JET on the phone filling out a short application and being given whatever they need within days. Don’t know that many volunteers in this organization face many challenges. Episcopal High School is an affluent school associated with many wealthy families. Everyone who met JET couldn’t help but love him. Even the media loved him he was constantly in the news.

Volunteering has made me realize that I m so fortunate for what I have and what an honor it is to be associated with this organization. I also asked if it was ever sad to see so many children with disabilities, She said it was so satisfying to help and that JET personally dealt with each and every family and put smiles on their faces. It is very rewarding. When asked if it was hard to do at the same times as a full-time job she smiled and said never. It is my passion. On a sad note JET Townsend passed away Tuesday June 4, 2013 after this interview. The Foundation will continue to carry on his work.

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