Work Is Essential for Fulfilling the Necessities of Life

The following sample essay on “Work Is Essential for Fulfilling the Necessities of Life”: why we need work.

You find yourself busy in different activities from morning to evening and some- times even at nights. You will find that in some activities your brain is active through different senses and some your limbs are more active. When your mind is more active, you consider it as mental work and when your limbs are more active you consider it as physical work.

Both the work are the integral part of your life because work is essential for fulfilling the necessities of life throught and physical and mental health. Perhaps you may question whether mind and limbs work separately? You analyse yourself that when you are weeding out in your garden whether your limbs are active or your mind is active with some senses. Your answer will be that both are active as your mind is suggesting, though hands are more active.

Undoubtedly you got the answer that physical and mental work can be seen separately.

In physical work, the labour of limb is more whereas the labour of mind is there in mental work. Social values are associated with both of them. Generally, work is believed to be an activity which requires more physical labour Physical labour done in any direction towards the production for oneself or societial cause is considered as ‘work’. Some of our activities related to labour are related to the fulfillment of our needs, while others are related to our physical and mental health, some activities are related to administration and organization in our social and economic life and finally, all are related to the welfare of hu- manity.

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Thus, work means those activities related to physical labour and which fulfils our responsibilities towards self, society and other people. Importance of work and Labour Do you know how all the big inventions took place?

Perhaps some of you may say that all big inventions are the result of contemplation. If you focus on the process of development of invention, you will find that physical labour is related to that invention much before mental labour. The person who propounded the principle of Dulley must have drawn water out of the well or lifted the weight. In the same way, the principles of Lever must be the results of physical labour of a person who must have spent a lot of his time in lifting heavy weights or any other phsycial labour. Hand pump must have been the product of the experiences of a labourer. This is one of the point of view for proounding the importance of labour. In order to understand the other point of view, review your daily routine and ask some questions to yourself like. Whose labour is included in the construction of the house you live in. Who worked in making bricks, cement and their loading, in constructing a wall, Lenter for the ceiling and white washing. Whose labour is included in providing food by growing vegetables and bringing them to us.

Who labours in maintaining cleanliness in public places and our houses. All the aspects whether an individual’s family life, social or practical life are within the range of physical labour. You will notice that there are many moments of our daily routine in which we cannot separate them from physical labour. Thus, man’s life is dependent on physical labour. Those people who are not directly connected with physical labour cannot survive without it. Their resi- dence, arrangement of their food, clothes that they put on, things that they use and the roads that they walk on etc are all the result of someone’s physical labour. It means that work and human life cannot be seen as two separate things. Physi- cal labour is very significant for human life. For some people it is a means of earning livelihood whereas for others it is a medium of physical and mental health.

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Work Is Essential for Fulfilling the Necessities of Life
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