According to the American Nurses Association Code of Nursing

The ethical principle associated with the issue is autonomy. This is because this is an issue that allows a level of discretion with the involved individual at work. This grants job satisfaction to a certain work such as the employees. If the client became disappointed with the employee, this means that there has been something wrong with their performance when they dealt with that particular client. The autonomy is the ethical problem because the nurse used her personal belief to inform the husband without the knowledge of the wife regarding the abortion issue.

The attempt to take away the child’s life is another ethical problem due to the fact that the mother is trying to remove the growing embryo from her uterus.

The breach of autonomy has been breached for the reason that the abortion procedure should be only exclusive between the nurse and the female patient. This is because the nurse told the husband regarding the issue of a planned abortion without the consent of the patient.

Even if the nurse did not actually mention the real intent of the patient, she is still violating the principle of autonomy. The other violated principle is beneficence because the patient is going to do harm to the unborn child. In this case, the principle of non-maleficence is beneficial in an attempt to resolve the issue. This is to prevent the patient from aborting the unborn child, which aggravated the principle of autonomy that has been committed by the nurse while informing the husband.

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The response in this situation is the idea that the patient should be advised regarding the implication of a certain anomaly that can be experienced if she continuous to bear the child. The main reason is that the nurse can provide a health educative intervention in order to allow the patient understands the consequences due to the presence of a genetic anomaly that might happen to the child (Sensen, 2014). The values involved in this dilemma are doing well to all patients by means of following the proper protocol of the hospital. One example is respecting the wishes of the patient to undergo an elective procedure upon their decisive action. Health education will further let the patient understand and appreciate the consequences upon deciding to either abort the embryo or to conceive a new baby. The personal value influenced is the application of privacy.

As a person, it is your prerogative to keep all information, which is legally mandated by the community and the hospital. Interference is not the solution to satisfy one’s curiosity. Based on the American Nursing Association’s Code of Nursing, the nurse practices with the compassion and respect for the inherent dignity, worth, and unique attributes of every person. This code emphasizes the significance of maintaining a professional relationship with the patient by the nurse without interfering with their personal lives. As a nurse, their personal perspectives and beliefs are not included with the patient’s decision to engage in a medical procedure even if it is against their moral principles.

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