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About History And Importance Of The Fire Service
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History of the fire service started back in Jamestown, Virginia, under the command of Captain James Smith. One of the founding fathers Ben Franklin was even a member of the bucket brigades who passed buckets of water to fires in order to turn them out. Certain towns adopted curfews with 'Rattle watch' walking the streets at night, monitoring homeowners to turn out lanterns since fires more common when families were sleeping. Later in the years a Union organized group of…...
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Research Related To Discovering A Suitable Training Model For Future Firefighters
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Nowadays, there is a countless amount of jobs that require one must have an outstanding physical strength as well as a knowledgeable understanding of the career intrinsic risks. Normally, most people would think of police officers, but firefighting is also one of the dangerous occupations. In fact, there is always an unforeseeable life-threatening situation that forces firemen to weigh other lives above him. Even so, fire departments have not offered appropriate preparations in terms of health and physical training so…...
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Firefighter A Career That Can Make You Feel Proud And Accomplished
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Firefighting is a career that can make you feel proud and accomplished, and it is a career in which I have a lot of respect for. In order to be a firefighter you must be in shape, prepared, experienced, and ready to deal with your job emotionally as well as physically. I realized as a firefighter you certainly have a lot to be proud of. It’s not your average job and does require quite a bit of organization to stay…...
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Hard and at the Same Time Interesting Work of a Firefighter
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  Have you even thought about going into a burning building. Well, that’s what FireFighters do everyday. My dad is a Captain at the Fire department. At the fire department you can not go out by yourself, you need to go with someone else that’s on the job. Also, if you are going anywhere you need your radio in case you get a call. As a firefighter there are a couple positions you can beat. You can be a volunteer…...
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Becoming a Wildland Firefighter Is No Effortless Task
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Wildland firefighter requires hard work, long hours of training, dedication and an earnest desire to help others. Wildland firefighting involves many skills. In short, some skills involved are: Managing, planning, monitoring, evaluation of activities that facilitate the protection of people, property, communities, societal infrastructure, and natural resources from detrimental effects of unwanted fires. Most importantly wildland firefighting requires the firefighter to maintain a clear and positive mindset in order to provide overall safety to the firefighter and his or her…...
Fire Detection and Alarm Systems
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Fire alarm systems and the fire department play an integral part in ensuring the safety of individuals worldwide. Whenever an event occurs involving a devastating fire, the fire department must be contacted in order to ensure the safety of the individuals involved in the incident. On October 18, 2017 “Firefighters were battling 13 large fires on Wednesday across California that have burned more than 210,000 acres, according to Cal Fire. More than 22,000 people remained out of their homes across…...
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Colombia’s Assistant Fire Chief
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John Larkin is hanging up the hose after more than 29 years with the city. “I am really going to miss being there for people that need me,” Larkin said. “Having had a job that has allowed me to do that has been a blessing for me. I am certainly going to miss the duties of being a firefighter.” Columbia Heights Assistant Fire Chief John Larkin has announced his retirement and will officially hang up the hose no Feb.  Larkin…...
The News of The Death of Firefighters
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As a chief of a department receiving a phone call in the middle of the night about a fire apparatus accident is bad enough but waking to hear of a civilian fatality and injuries and a fatality of one of your own firefighters would be devastating. The news of firefighter fatality must be one of the worst feelings that they can have besides a loss of a family member. Speeding is one of the major factors in most fire apparatus…...
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Professions That Cause Excitement and Nostalgia for Their Childhood in Many People
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Firefighting is one of those jobs that brings many people much excitement and nostalgia of their childhood. Firefighter or not, mostly everyone has a good memory of interacting with a firefighter. Children look up to firefighters and a lot of them have the dream of one day becoming one. Well, for me it’s that way. The big red trucks, loud sirens, the family atmosphere at the firehouse, helping and saving people. There’s always that something that moves someone to become…...
Descriptive Essay on Witnessing a House On Fire
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descriptive essay house on fire The House on Fire That cold night of December 2004 had left behind a memory which will stay in my mind for a never ending period of time. That night was not the same as the rest of the days in my life. Instead of going to bed, that night I was standing in the middle of the road, in complete terror. My heartbeat was accelerating with fear and tears were rolling down my cheeks…...
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