Rhode Island School of Nursing

It is with great enthusiasm and admiration that I write this letter of recommendation in support of Dr. Claire Creamer’s tenure and promotion application. Dr. Creamer is a dedicated, intelligent, and compassionate professor at Rhode Island College School of Nursing and I believe she exemplifies all the characteristics of a candidate worthy of achieving tenure and promotion. With this recognition, Dr. Creamer’s commitment to serving Rhode Island’s future of Nursing will most assuredly continue to impress us all.

Over the last five years, I have earned a tremendous amount of respect for Dr. Claire Creamer. I have known her since 2013 when I was a student in her Health Assessment course. Dr. Creamer stood out to me as a nursing school professor for her distinct and effective teaching style. Wherein many college courses, the aim of teaching is subject mastery, Dr. Creamer’s approach to teaching was exemplary, in that she expects her students to be able to master critical thinking skills in addition to mastering subject material, just as is required of them in the professional field of Nursing.

Her contagious passion for caring for children and families is evident as she shares with her students, her stories as a bedside nurse. She accommodates the needs of a diverse student population and is always willing to help. She makes her students a priority by making herself accessible in a multitude of ways. I give credit to Dr. Creamer for helping prepare me to be successful on my state licensure exam by challenging me with her test questions and our engagement in intellectual conversations both in and outside of the classroom setting.

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Her high, yet achievable expectations have certainly prepared me for the high demands of the nursing profession.

Dr. Claire Creamer is committed to the development of a strong and effective future of Nursing for the State of Rhode Island and surrounding states. By earning her doctorate degree and attending conferences, she has enhanced her ability to prepare nursing students to become influential and effective nurses that serve the community. Dr. Creamer is a leader, having assumed a new role as Chair of the Undergraduate Program within the School of Nursing. I see the hard work and effort that Dr. Creamer is putting forth on ensuring that students and faculty’s needs are met; going above and beyond her duties and responsibilities to help Rhode Island College School of Nursing flourish.

In summary, Dr. Claire Creamer plays an extremely important role in the development of Rhode Island’s future in Nursing. Professors like Dr. Creamer leave a remarkable impact on their students because of their service and support. While she continues to support me today in my practice as a pediatric and neonatal nurse, it is my hope that, someday, I can be just as admirable and inspirational as she is to many students and me. Without an ounce of hesitation, I support Dr. Claire Creamer in achieving tenure and promotion at Rhode Island College School of Nursing.

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