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Personal Satement
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Being passionate about helping others and endeavoring to make a difference in healthcare are two qualities that have led me to pursue a career in Pharmacy. Putting others’ lives before my own and being selfless are what I have consistently wanted to instill in myself from a very young age. I have known for years that impacting someone’s life and potentially changing it forever is something I want to do every day. A Doctor of Pharmacy degree has been a…...
Shake Well Before Use
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When one considers a pharmacist, the first thing he or she may think of could be a person in a white lab coat who hands out medicine to those who are given special requests for them. Although this idea may not sound quite glamorous, pharmacy has always been a complex area of study and numerous famous figures in history also had the title of a pharmacist. For instance, Benjamin Franklin, one of America’s founding fathers, has also been described as…...
Overview of Population-Based Care
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Public health focuses on the promotion of health in the community. It is to prevent diseases as well as illnesses that could happen to everyone. A professional team of health care that includes doctors, nurses, and pharmacists with several roles is responsible for the health of the public in other words, population-based care is one of the major responsibilities of these groups of professionals. These professions are required to interact with the public, hence the availability of professionals in their…...
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Needs of The Pharmacist and The Patients
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Pharmacist In this health screening service scenario, pharmacists play a vital role in connecting patients and medical professionals. it was the combination of extensive counseling (regarding diet and lifestyle modification) and screening that dramatically increased patient satisfaction and improved health outcomes. First of all, pharmacist as healthcare provider needs to set their goals which are to make their patient feel better and become healthy. The pharmacist needs to have basic essential skills in communication between pharmacist and patient. The pharmacist…...
The Hobbyist Short Story
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The short narrative. “The Hobbyist written by Frederic Brown is about a adult male named Sangstrom. Sangstrom was at a prescription pharmaceutics in secret speaking to the Pharmacist about purchasing an undetectable toxicant to kill his married woman. The Druggist asks to follow him into the back room and puts some java into the boiler. The Pharmacist informs Sangstrom that he feels that he deserves the toxicant for free but must pay for the counterpoison. This is when Sangstrom realizes…...
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Essay on Why I Want To Be A Pharmacist
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Medication can often be an important part of treatment for patients. And though it's doctors who prescribe medications and dosages, it's the pharmacists who make sure that the patient gets the right medication and understands all the risks that come with it. To help people manage their illnesses and diseases Once a diagnosis is made for a patient, the next step is usually treatment. This often includes some kind of medication. And after the doctor prescribes a medication and dosage,…...
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Essay on Why I Want To Be A Pharmacist
...There are many other reasons people choose to be pharmacists, as well. Some people are attracted to the career because it's easy to get into, some people like the math and chemistry involved in working with the medications, and some people simply lik...
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