About Family Well-Being, Illnesses and Parental Relationships

The role of the educational teacher in all places continues in formal and informal ways. Example: teaching new parents how to care for their infant. Coordinator, collaborator, and liaison: The family nurse coordinates the care of the families that receive and cooperates with the family to plan care.Example: If family member has been in a traumatic accident,the nurse would be a key person in helping families to access resources from inpatient care and outpatient care.

Deliverer and supervisor of care and technical expert :A family nurse must either provide or supervise the care that families receive in different places to do so, they must be a technical expert both knowledgeable and skilled.

Example: the nurse may be the person going into the family home on daily basis to consult the family. Family advocate: The family nurse defends families with whom the nurse works to enable family members to speak with their own voice or nurse talking to the family.

Example,is the nurse who is advocating for family safety by supporting legislation that requires

Wearing seat belts in motor vehicles. Consultant: The family nurse acts as a family counselor when asked or whenever necessary. In some cases, consult with agencies to facilitate family-centered care.Example:a clinical nurse specialist in a hospital may be asked to assist the famiy in finding the appropriate long term care setting for their sick grandmother. Counselor: The family nurse plays a therapeutic role in helping individuals and families solve problems or change behavior.

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Example:family that requires help with coping with along term chronic condition like schizophrenia.

Case finder and epidemiologist: The family nurse participates in the discovery of the condition and is following the disease.For example, family member is diagnosed with STD,the nurse would engage in sleuthing out the sources of transmission and helping others to seek treatment. Environmental Specialist: The family nurse consults with families and other health care workers to adjust the environment .For example: if man with paraplegia is about to be discharged from the hospital to home,the nurse assists the family in modifying home environment so the patient can move wheelchair and engage in self-care. Clarify and interpret: The nurse describes the data and explains it to families in all situations.Example,if child in the family has leukemia,the nurse clarify and interprets information pertaining to diagnosis and treatment.

Surrogate: The family nurse works as an alternative by replacing her with someone else .Example,nurse may stand in temporarily as a loving parent to an adolescent who is giving birth to a child by herself in labor delivery room. Researcher: The family nurse must face problems in the practice of identity and find a solution to deal with the problem. example might be collaborating with a colleague to find better intervention for helping families. Role model: the family nurse is continually serving as role model to other people.Ex,who demonstrate right kind of health and personal self-care . Case manager : it involve coordination and collaborating between families and nurse care system .Ex,a family working with seniors in community may become assigned to be case managers for patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

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