What Fantasy Football Means to the Members of The Deep Sleepers League

I throw my shoes into a corner; the door slams behind me as I climb into my bed. The laptop is already flipped open with papers scattered across the sheets. It‘s draft day. This is my third year as league commissioner, and I am excited about the new changes to the league. We welcome a new team, a new trophy, and a new drafting order. While it is true fantasy football is just a game, it means much more than that to the members of The Deep Sleepers League.

As league commissioner I am forced to learn the values of responsibility and creativity The league looks to me for rule changes, draft orders, and prizes. I must take input from nine other owners and conjoin it all to create a league where every individual plays a part Until I planned out this essay, I did not even realize the key decisions I have made regarding the number of playoff teams, when to start and end the season, and countless more.

The lessons in responsibility just from inconsequential opportunities like fantasy football are critical in shaping the personality and values of a young college student. Above all else, however, is the comradery brought forth by the competition. As I look at the list of teams now, we have an age range from 16 to 55. The ten owners are found in five different states, and the seven college kids that make up the bulk of the league are found at six different universities.

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Sure, we may hang out a time or two over summer, but with internships and jobs we rarely find ourselves in the same state. There is one thing that brings these friends and family members togetheri Every year we get to compete for a dorky trophy to hang on our mantle for the next year, And we could not be more excited.

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