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Being passionate about helping others and endeavoring to make a difference in healthcare are two qualities that have led me to pursue a career in Pharmacy. Putting others’ lives before my own and being selfless are what I have consistently wanted to instill in myself from a very young age. I have known for years that impacting someone’s life and potentially changing it forever is something I want to do every day. A Doctor of Pharmacy degree has been a part of this plan for years and after making this decision, I have been consistently aiming to reach that goal.

To some, a pharmacist may not be as important as the doctor or the physician, but in realizing the affect a pharmacist can have on a patient alongside their doctor, I believe pharmacists can aid in the way a patient changes their life for the better. I have seen how important a pharmacist’s affect can be on a person’s life and how a little encouragement from someone who cares, can greatly impact a patient’s health.

While shadowing a pharmacist, I was shown the endless and ever-growing lists of medications that several of his patients had been taking for years. These patients had been prescribed medication after medication and each one kept creating new problems and side effects that had to be treated with even more medications.

They did not realize there was a very simple way to lessen several of their issues and side effects. The pharmacist told me how important it was to him to express to these patients that a little exercise and healthy could significantly benefit their health.

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He was so clearly passionate about making a difference in each one of their lives’ and wanted to help them make a difference in their own. I was inspired to make a difference like this in as many lives as I could, and a Doctor of Pharmacy degree would allow me to do this. Even if this simple change seems so miniscule, showing them how much their pharmacist cares to make a difference, could spark them to make their own. My experience working with the public would help me thrive in a pharmacy setting when communicating with patients. Working in customer service for years has significantly challenged me and allowed me to gain a better understanding of how to work to a solution under high pressure and fast paced situations. This in turn, has helped me better communicate with customers altogether. Knowing how to reach a solution to a problem as quickly and efficiently as possible has become a skill I have attained by working in customer service. It has allowed me to become a better critical thinker and to successfully assist customers on my own. Many community pharmacies require sufficient customer surface skills and though it is not an easy one to obtain, I have become comfortable and confident when assisting customers throughout my past years of working in customer service.

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