Personal Narrative - The Big Game

After working hard all basketball season, my team and I had our biggest game coming up to get prepared for, and that was the semi- finals of the district tournament. The team we was going to face was a very worthy competition. This team had a record of 26-5 and they were the 16th ranked team in the state. This was the game that was going to decide if it would be my last high school basketball game or not. I would’ve been discouraged if it was going to be my last game, because I loved this game and I have played it my whole life.

Basketball has always helped me relieve stress I knew this was something I could play to get my mind off of things. I have been playing basketball for 14 years and I have been to a lot of camps just to prepare myself for games just like this.

I knew my leadership as the team captain and point guard is important to not only myself but the team.

I had to sacrifice for my teammates to do what it takes to win. Being a good leader becomes a big responsibility and I knew that I was capable of being a really good leader. I did everything I could for my teammates because I knew how much each and everybody loved this game. I was chosen to be a leader because I knew my team believed I could help achieve both my team’s goals and my own.

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The game was about to tip- off and Betsy Layne ended up getting the tip. As soon as the game started the Betsy Layne Bobcats went on a 12-0 run and there best player Sam Hall was feeling himselfas he didn’t miss a shot. Our only solution was to slow down the momentum of the Bobcats and control the tempo of the game. I knew it was all up to me to take over the game, and run the show just like my coach wanted me to do. The Bobcats miss there next shot and I get the ball. I raced down the floor as fast as I could, drove in the middle of the lane, drew two bobcat defenders and kicked the ball out to my shooting guard Seth Hall who with no hesitation drained the shot, it was our turn t…

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Personal Narrative - The Big Game
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