A Reflection on a Couple of Theories and Concepts in Relation to Personal Internship in the Orange Coast College Forensic Team

As a volunteer coach for the Orange Coast College Forensic Team, I practiced several interpersonal skills to communicate efficiently to fulfill the mission of the team. My skills were deemed essential since they captivated the students from different cultural orientations, genders. and religious beliefs. In addition, I was able to use synecdoche and metonymy as means of relaying messages that my teammates could understand. This essay reflects on a couple of theories and concepts that relate to my internship responsibilities. Such theories and concepts include the interpersonal relation orientation theory, social exchange theory, and social penetration theory.

Based on the interpersonal relation orientation theory, I was able to create close friendships with students as well as other leaders while running the team. This theory states that deep, strong, and close relationships between people are fostered by the interpersonal qualities of an individual.

With that in mind, I used ethos to allow the students to have an innate understanding of my character.

In addition, I had a positive attitude as well as a good understanding of my responsibilities as a coach to secure their trust. Owing to the above theory, I was able to mobilize the team spirit through developing a coded language that would only be understood by the members of the team. As a result. I managed to create close relationship with the entire team, which improved my communication efficiency as a coach. The social exchange theory is a sociological and psychological theory that describes how stability and change are processes that introduce social exchanges between parties.

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Human relationships are created because of a comparison of alternatives and cost-benefit analysis, according to the theory.

This theory is rooted in sociology and psychology in that it assumes that the exchanges result from the interpersonal skills of a person during the process of upbringing. These skills were handy in dealing with students who were experiencing emotional instability. My method involved using my emotional appeal (pathos) by deploying words, body language, and pictures as a means of self- expression. This strategy fostered openness among all members of the team, As a result, I improved the well being of each member of the team, a factor that motivated the team to work harder in all events. In addition, the social penetration theory facilitated self—disclosure, which helped me build a new level of intimacy with the team. The theory states that, as external relationships develop, the level of interpersonal communication shifts from relatively slow and non- intimate levels to deeper and more intimate levels. The act of self-disclosure develops closeness that reaches beyond the superficial levels of intimacy as functions to promote immediate predicted outcomes.

The application of this theory was handy in building team spirit. I used both inductive and deductive methods of reasoning in building team spirit as well as becoming an effective and persuasive team leader. At the end of my internship program, the team had developed a coded language and acquired mental preparedness during both internal and external games. My interpersonal skills played a major role in reviving the team, The three theories, interpersonal relation orientation theory, social exchange theory, and social penetration theory, built up team spirit, close relationships, and self-disclosure. Therefore, each member of the team became aware of the personal factors that could improve the productivity of the team. In addition to being more efficient in my work, the internship program equipped me with knowledge on human interaction.


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