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Literary Essays

Take a look at our literary essay topics and ideas and get motivated to write your own essay. Our essay collection is a huge base of examples on various topics within the chosen field. We have picked out the best literary essays to provide you with the best writing experience and motivation.
Literary Elements (Character, Conflict, Setting, & Theme)

Character Revealed through the character’s actions, speech, and appearance Protagonist Central character in the plot’s conflict Antagonist The force in conflict with the protagonist, may be society, nature, fate, self, or another person Foil A character whose traits are in direct contrast to those of the principal character Stereotype A character who possesses expected traits…

Literary Analysis Terms

syntax sentence structure diction word choice sound qualities concepts of rhythm and rhyme in language figurative language makes comparisons between unrelated things or ideas, in order to show something about a subject. Metaphor, simile, personification, for example. dialogue conversations between characters. things that are said by the characters in a story, movie, play, etc. denotation…

Literary devices – Antigone Examples

zeugma “There’s people on the street using guns and knives, taking drugs and each other’s lives.” zeugma The other was able to lend not only his achievements, but also his support and ears. zeugma She lowered her standards by raising her glass, Her courage, her eyes and his hopes. polysyndeton And Joshua, and all of…

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Literary Terms (Epic – Hubris)

Epic A long narrative poem, told in a formal, elevated style, that focuses on a serious subject and chronicles heroic deeds and events important to a culture or nation. Epigram A brief, pointed, and witty poem that usually makes a satiric or humorous point. It is most often written in couplets, but take no prescribed…

How can the literary characters Tonio Kroeger and Meursault be described as ‘outsiders’?

Tonio Kroeger by Thomas Mann and The Stranger by Albert Camus are both existentialist investigations. Existentialism as a school of philosophy ponders over the meaning of life, the relations of individuals to society, the conflicts inevitable in interpersonal relationships, etc. Such inquisitions are very much in evidence in the two novels in question. In particular,…

literary terms for Tragic & Mythic Hero Units

Aristotle Greek Philosopher and scientist, studied under Plato, taught Alexander the Great, emphasized observation and analysis by the “four causes”, said virtue was the middle ground between extremes, men should seek to use their intellect Tragedy drama in which the protagonist is overcome by some superior force or circumstance Tragic Hero a privileged, exalted character…

All Quiet On The Western Front Essays

In a brutal trench war known as World War I, the German troops were exposed to brutal conditions, which is shown to critically shape the personality and mannerisms of soldier Paul Baumer, the lead protagonist in All Quiet on the Western Front. Identity is a major theme in the novel, especially relating to Paul. He…

12 Years A Slave Essay

It is difficult for a person with compassion to fathom the object of slavery.Why would one man subject another man to torment?Why would anyone exercise their authority over another like human being?Why would any human being kidnap, flog and sell another into bondage?These and many other questions surround the subject of slavery as it reared…

Literary Perfume

Perfume by Patrick Suskind is a fictional tale that takes place in eighteenth century France. This novel is about a boy named Jean-Baptiste Grenouille who has a supernatural ability to smell, but lacks a scent. He experienced childhood traumas which eventually shaped him to be the way he is as he grew into an adult….

Alice Walker Analysis

The novel The Color Purple by Alice Walker is a ground-breaking work in American fiction. The topic of emotional/physical abuse, especially that endured by black American women of earlier generations is not openly spoken about or documented in history books. By bringing focus to this sensitive, yet saddening, experience of black women, the novel attracted…

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