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Shipwrecked on the high seas Gulliver finds himself washed up on the
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Shipwrecked on the high seas, Gulliver finds himself washed up on the strange island of Lilliput and thus begins a journey through various strange lands, from the land of miniature people to the land of giants. This forms the plot of Jonathan Swift’s popular prose work “Gulliver’s Travels”. In this scathing satire on the politics and the morals of the eighteenth century, Swift’s condemnation of society and its institutions still resonates today. In this essay we aim to give a…...
Government Surveillance
Morgan Sebastian
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Morgan Sebastian 5 November 2018Premier Inc. Stock ReportIntroductionAs a dedicated PengWai employee, I only want the best for our clients. After a thorough analysis of the company Premier Inc., I have concluded that Premier Inc. is a solid company to buy stock from this year. PINC has been constantly improving their techniques, equipment, dedicated team, and overall performance since they opened. Their improvements have made them the most innovative and technologically advanced healthcare firm of the decade. PINC has the…...
EconomyGovernmentGovernment SurveillanceHealth CareStock
Artificial Intelligence in Economy
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Artificial intelligence is currently the center of many discussions in the world. Some argue that the invention of artificial intelligence may take our world to the next level of advancement, while others say that it will inevitably lead to the end of humanity due to its ability to outrun humans the employment market. The issue that artificial intelligence would bring by replacing human jobs involves many different topics that are each complicated enough by itself. I will try my best…...
Artificial IntelligenceConspiracy TheoryEmploymentGovernment SurveillanceIntelligenceSurveillance
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Emergence Of Nation States
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This sample paper on Emergence Of Nation States offers a framework of relevant facts based on the recent research in the field. Read the introductory part, body and conclusion of the paper below.The historic state was formed of feudal societies, where the Kingdom had to be governed to its best potential. Control over the land was a crucial task as there were threats of warfare from other Kingdoms. The form of control of feudal societies were that of warfare and…...
CultureGovernment SurveillancePoliticsSurveillanceWar
Foreign Aid Pros And Cons
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The sample essay on Foreign Aid Pros And Cons deals with a framework of research-based facts, approaches, and arguments concerning this theme. To see the essay's introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion, read on.The granting of foreign aid/ development assistance to developing and underdeveloped countries can often is a challenging task. While these countries definitely need assistance from the developed world, charitable intentions doesn’t necessarily translate into desired outcomes. That is why the decision makers in government and other international financial…...
EconomyGovernment SurveillanceInvestmentPolicyPolitical SciencePolitics
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