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Living Harry Potter for the Summer
Words • 422
Pages • 2
My summer was a Harry Potter movie, Although it wasn’t always filled with tests of strength or courage, or intense battles, it was amusing even when it was slow moving. My summer was like a Harry Potter movre because of my lazy days, day Journeys, and my out-of-state adventures To begin with, my lazy days were like the beginning of a Harry Potter movie. On these days, I mainly went to friends houses and watched Netflix. On other days, I…...
CaliforniaEntertainmentHarry PotterNetflix
Racism and Discrimination as Part of US History
Words • 936
Pages • 4
The United State of America is a very multicultural country. Racism and discrimination are a part of the US history, but after the Civil Rights Act 1964 was enacted to protect all minorities groups rights throughout the USA. But government and business organizations are sometimes accused by minorities regarding discrimination. Because racism and discrimination are prevalent throughout the USA. The main purpose of this paper is to identify an organization who faced an ethical crisis in their organization. Recently, Starbucks…...
DiscriminationOrganizationRacismSocial Media
Problems With Cable TV
Words • 1622
Pages • 7
Not only does cable have problems but do does Direct TV which prides itself on offering a wide variety of options for customers that people can enjoy. They have had more and more cord cutting over the years and their decision to team up too with AT&T they are clearly trying to regain their leverage and be in control. It is no longer good enough just to have a set program but customers elect to vote with the money that…...
EntertainmentNetflixSocial Media AddictionTechnology
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Challenges in the Apple Business Environment
Words • 447
Pages • 2
In the corporate world, the survival of the business is determined by the relationship between the shareholders, For the sustainability of the firm’s operations, the management ought to place various protocols and measurable procedures that are fit for every employee and client. In this regard, the state of perforce and the code of conduct will be impressive, The code of conduct is essential in that it harmonizes the co-existence within the organization. Accordingly, it establishes the standards and the performance…...
The Key Role of Important Concepts in the Development Process of a Business Leader
Words • 416
Pages • 2
Organizational management and leadership are crucial elements that need to be considered effectively in ensuring that there is a positive development within an organizational environment. Organization management entails putting in place critical operational measures that can ensure that the organization is focused on achieving success Leadership entails coordinating services and interaction within an organizational environment with key focus to achieve the highlighted objectives The course has integrated important concepts, which have focused on creating a better understanding on key aspects…...
An Understanding of Business Ethics
Words • 678
Pages • 3
Extent of ethical Ethics relates to morality. There are diverse perspectives and questions associated with ethics in regard to morality. For instance, questions arise as to whether an issue is considered ethical or unethical, good and evil, right and wrong, as well as just or unjust. People often demonstrate diverse opinions in the way they view the concept of ethics. Consequently, ethics often evokes feelings of morality particularly on what people feel as being good or bad depending on the…...
Business EthicsMoralityOrganization
Business Ethics in Nokia Company
Words • 318
Pages • 2
The paper centers on the larger field of business. The focus company is Nokia. It is observed that Nokia is the second largest mobile phone maker organization in the telecommunication industry that offers a variety of products including mobile telephones and portable I.T devices. The company's mission statement is "CONNECTING PEOPLE" as they create phones to satisfy the consumers' needs. The management of the company is also considered as it is observed that the company is controlled by a board…...
Business EthicsEmploymentNokia
A Definition of Organizational Behavior
Words • 487
Pages • 2
The organization's behavior is based on management's philosophy, values, vision and goals. Most of the research in the study of OB (Organizational Behavior) is concerned with Job satisfaction, job involvement and organizational commitment. This drives the organizational culture. which is composed of the formal organization informal organization and the social environment. The culture determines the type of leadership, communication, and group dynamics that are Within the organization. Workers perceive this as the quality of work life, which directs their degree…...
LeadershipManagementOrganizationOrganizational Behavior
A Summary of the Five Waves of Trust in The Speed of Trust, a Book by Stephen Covey
Words • 920
Pages • 4
“The Speed of Trust” does not only explain how important trust is in different kinds of relationship but also how trust -when fully developed- can make a person successful and prosperous The author Stephen Covey discusses the economics of trust using the model called the Five Waves of Trust. In the book, he states the differences between low-trust relationship and high-trust relationship. The myths and realities of trust are also presented such as the speed of trust and creating and…...
The Use of Strategic Planning in Smaller and Bigger Enterprises
Words • 446
Pages • 2
Strategic planning makes use of a time horizon running into years in looking at an organization’s future opportunities and its capacity to seize them using the available resources. Strategic planning is applicable in both smaller and bigger enterprises. However, Aileron (2011) identifies that it is less important in smaller corporations as opposed to larger ones, Accordingly, the paper evaluates why strategic planning is more applicable to bigger firms, how to develop a strategic plan, and factors to consider when developing…...
OrganizationStrategic PlanningStrategy
Youtube of Two American Multinational Corporations
Words • 361
Pages • 2
Coca-Cola and Pepsi are two the most popular nonalcoholic beverages on the planet. Humanity is divided into those who like Pepsi and those who love Coca-Cola. Therefore, there is a high competition between these companies. Media plays the significant role in the development of the enterprise and the number of its customers, Moth argues that Pepsi uses different social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and others to compete with Coca-Cola (Moth, “How Pepsi uses Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+“)r Thus,…...
Legal Obligations and Liability for Product Quality
Words • 462
Pages • 2
My brother’s lemonade stand business is at risk because he does not have any type of structure or legal protection. The friends that he has selling his lemonade and the customers buying the lemonade can put him in a very bad position. It is possible that the other vendors could change his recipe, misrepresent or overprice his product. A consumer could take the recipe and make it their own, or falsely accuse him of making them sick with his product.…...
Business ManagementCompanyLawProduct Liability
A Case Study of Nokia to Understand the Trends, Future and Evolution of the Mobile Phone Market
Words • 2628
Pages • 11
TABLE OF CONTENT Evolution of the Mobile Phone Market Trends & Future of the mobile phone market Nokia's Marketing Strategy CompetitorsCompetitor's Strategies (especially Motorola and Ericsson) Summary and conclusions The mobile phone market The birth of the mobile communication industry resulted of a professional need, which means that people on the move sometimes had to be contacted urgently. AT&T's Bell laboratories made it possible in 1979 in the Unto permits permitted thousand of people to switch messages in thbandwidthiny bandwith.…...
An Analysis of the Methods of Advertising for Mobile Phone Nokia
Words • 1210
Pages • 5
Advertising Leads Nokia Win the Game The mobile phone seems to be a necessity in today's world and is probably the most popular personal belonging alongside the key and wallet. Among all mobile phone brands, Nokia is no doubt the most famous one. The industry leader continues its innovative and creative ideas; had released its newest fashionable and yet functional model Nokia 7210. The Nokia full-color display 7210 is sensual inside and out. Under its curvy and colorful body are…...
My Purchase of a Dell Computer
Words • 626
Pages • 3
Computers and computer components have drastically decreased in price as production has increased due to increased demand by consumers, significant advances in production have also helped to reduce prices. As a result, a budget of 1,200 dollars is more than sufficient for purchasing a powerful computer with the latest hardware and software. For this purchase, I opted to go with a Dell Studio XPS 8100 Desktop for $1029.99 before shipping and handling. Below I will outline the technical specifications for…...
The Bold Concept Direct Customers
Words • 974
Pages • 4
The marketing concept that has proven to be the most successful for the also happens to be their business. The differentiated marketing: different buyers, different strategies. The bold-concept direct customer contact has made Dell one of the most successful companies of the 1990s. Through its pioneering direct business model, offers in-person relationships with corporate and institutional customers; telephone and Internet purchasing (the latter now averaging $14 million per day); customized computer systems; phone and on-line technical support; and next-day, on-site…...
Analysis of Dell’s Mustang Computer and Marketing Strategies
Words • 703
Pages • 3
Dell is one of the leading hardware corporations on the PC market today. It provides customers with new products trying to satisfy all their needs. According to the observations, "For over 28 years Dell has been driven to the Listen, Learn, and Deliver concept to create its hierarchy in technology."(Computer: Profile, 2012) that helps it to stay one the most profitable companies. However, the market competition is becoming more and more strained and demands from the companies new ideas and…...
Dell’s Competitive Marketing Strategy
Words • 1265
Pages • 6
Dell Computer Corporation's Michael Dell's decisive and apparently uncontested vision for the sustained growth of the corporation hinges on advancing the Dell Direct Model. A distinct advantage displayed by Dell versus his closest competitors in this arena-Gateway, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard and Digital Equipment seems to be the synergy created by the integration of marketing communication efforts and their ability to accurately adjust sales staff and production levels to meet the corresponding demand. The primary problem facing Dell and its competitors is…...
Quality Project Management Dell
Words • 922
Pages • 4
Summary The Dell Story came about with Michael Dell as he developed his company several years ago and has flourished ever since. The company once named Dell Computers is now known as Dell. The company is design is considered a mass customization process because it is a combination of a job shop and flow shop. Dell's high computer volume is very attractive is to the consumer especially when they can take advantage of customizing their own computer. Dell has several…...
A Focus in the Management, Human Relations and Business Ethics in Nokia Company
Words • 628
Pages • 3
The paper centers on the larger field of business. The focus company is Nokia. It is observed that Nokia is the second-largest mobile phone maker organization in the telecommunication industry that offers a variety of products including mobile telephones and portable I.T devices. The company's mission statement is "CONNECTING PEOPLE" as they create phones to satisfy the consumers' needs. The management of the company is also considered as it is observed that the company is controlled by a board of…...
Advantages and Hope of Technology
Words • 1058
Pages • 5
Company profile Hope Technology has established on 2012 it’s located in JID ALI where all vital activities are going on. Hope Technology provides electronic service as well as gadget, IT solution, graphic design, multimedia and software development. The organization aims to be a leader in their segment and will become more professional than any other company by providing high quality services and products with affordable and convenient price. Basic Management Functions (Planning-Controlling) Planning: Mission Statement Hope technology mission is customer…...
Advantages Of TechnologyBusiness ManagementCompetitive AdvantageMission StatementStrategic Management
Al-Safi Saudi Company Analysis
Words • 677
Pages • 3
Company Profile The company has four giant agricultural projects in each of: Haradh - Hail - Wadi Al-Dawasir - Al-Jawf, in addition to the date filling plant in Hofuf, and it is concerned with many plant production activities: integrated wheat production that serves its purpose shown below: yellow corn, fodder, potatoes and onions In addition to vegetables, fruits and animal production oil: represented by raising cows. Olive and natural honey production. Food processing: The manufacture of fresh milk includes raw…...
A SWOT Analysis of Skechers
Words • 1451
Pages • 6
Strengths are the characteristics of the business or project that give it an advantage over others. Skechers is one of the fastest-growing athletic footwear brands in the world. The strength of Skechers is, that it has a high growth rate. Skechers is a very professionally competitive company and well branded among consumers. Many consumers know about Skechers because the company offers its products worldwide. Skechers is quickly establishing its presence from the domestic market to international markets. The company's operations…...
The Significance of Global Branding
Words • 906
Pages • 4
Global branding is significant to consumers as it offers them a variety of brands from which to choose the one that best suits their needs. Global branding increases the products being offered in various markets, thereby increasing the choice options for consumers. Further global branding offers consumers a chance to attain high-quality products because firms will be compelled to provide a standardized quality globally. Most consumers have various perceptions regarding global brands (Abbott, and Snidal 96). To begin with, they…...
An Analysis of the Discovery, Use, Trademark and the Future of Aspirin
Words • 603
Pages • 3
Introduction ‘One hundred years ago, a young chemist in Germany made a discovery which, today, ‘continues to ease our aches and pains, reduce our fevers, fight inflammation and save lives. ‘On August 10, 1897, this chemist, Felix Hoffmann, discovered a stable form of acetylsalicylic acid, the active ingredient in aspirin. Hoffmann had been seeking a pain- relieving medication for his father’s debilitating rheumatism. Not only did the drug ease his, father's pain and inflammation, but when it was marketed as…...
An Analysis of the 1989 Benetton’s Adoption of the Trademark “United Colors of Benetton”
Words • 2061
Pages • 9
BENETTON IS CAMPAIGN In 1989, Benetton officially adopted the trademark, "United Colors of Benetton,” initiating and formalizing more than ten years of strategy to radically transform the face of conventional advertising. In place of the product, Benetton presented powerful and problematic visual images of social issues of universal importance such as environmental disasters, peace, AIDS, terrorism, murder, tolerance of diversity and struggle against racism. Benetton's advertising campaigns and social communication strategies are a clear echo of contemporary culture and society.…...
An Analysis of the Works of Raymond Carver as Staying True to the Trademark Style of Dirty Realism
Words • 1368
Pages • 6
The death of Raymond Carver in 1988 came shortly after his final publication, Where I’m Calling From, a compilation of short stories that prompted critics to throne him as the founding father of Dirty Realism. Bill Buford, an editor for Granta Magazine defined the literary movement in 1983 as “...the fiction of a new generation of American authors...about the belly- side of contemporary life.” (Granta #8). Dirty Realists commented on the issues in society by narrating the life of ordinary…...
Domino’s Pizza Founder Tom Monaghan
Words • 1078
Pages • 5
Domino’s might be your favorite place for pizza cravings. If you are extra curious, you might want to know about the founder of this amazing pizza place. Pizza is one of the favorite foods of people across the world. The owner of one of the finest shops of pizza is Tom Monaghan. He is the founder of Domino’s Pizza. From a small commencement, the business expanded rapidly and today is one of the popular chain shops around the world. The…...
Market Trends: Loyalty Programs as Instrument of Marketing
Words • 760
Pages • 4
Nokia Objective To find Issues regarding the existing Loyalty programs . To find new and innovative solutions to issues. To find new possible Loyalty programs. To find Value and need of Loyalty programs in changing market conditions. Scope Loyalty programs are a tool for increasing consumer satisfaction. these are great in understanding consumer behavioral patterns and offering customers a value for their money which will ultimately result in developing business. Introduction Loyalty programs are something which will provide extra benefits…...
BrandConsumer SatisfactionNokia
The Responsibility of the CEO and Supervisory Board Members in the Volkswagen Scandal
Words • 450
Pages • 2
Supervisory Board Members Versus CEO's Responsibility in Volkswagen Scandal The article by Christopher Rauwald provides an in-depth analysis of the complexity surrounding the management of Volkswagen (Rauwald 2018). The supervisory board ought to have taken responsibility since it could resolve the scandal that hit Volkswagen. Following the Volkswagen emission scandal, the CEO, Mathias Muller took responsibility and stepped aside, but the supervisory board remained intact (Rauwald 2018). The question seeks an analysis of the conflicting interests of management board versus…...
The Issues of Corporate Governance at Volkswagen
Words • 406
Pages • 2
Corporate governance issues at Volkswagen. Case 13 brings out corporate governance issues at Volkswagen (Clarke 2017). The article raises two major corporate governance issues that led to the scandal at Volkswagen. The first corporate governance issue arises out of the composition of the board. The second issue arises out of boards laxity and control by a few investors. The first corporate governance issue that faced Volkswagen is its lack of diversity on its board. Its board of directors is male-dominated…...
A Review of an Ethical Issue Involving Volkswagen
Words • 1047
Pages • 5
Business organizations tend to make decisions, which favor their overall wellbeing and ensure that they have minimal ethical issues through developing conspiracies. It is very much impossible to have unethical issue happening within organizational environment without the input of in house lawyers. The overall need to ensure that lawyers are incorporated into the action is based on their overall need to understand what is going on within organizational environment. Therefore when considering the situation, which Volkswagen has, find itself in,…...
Analysis and Synthesis of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
Words • 1276
Pages • 6
Background Info:Krispy Kreme Doughnuts (KKD), is an American based fast-food chain who’s focuses are pastries and hot coffee. Founded by Vernon Randolph in 1937, KKD began as a small business which provided its signature handcrafted doughnuts prepackaged directly to local grocery stores. The smell of the treats being baked created a demand for hot doughnuts right out the fryer, subsequently giving birth to the Krispy Kreme Hot Glazed doughnut. By the 1950s certain technologies were now accessible to enhance manufacturing…...
Economic SystemKrispy KremeSocial Media
Brand of Thousands of Donuts of Heavenly Taste
Words • 715
Pages • 3
Krispy Kreme is a household brand that has been around for over 75 years and serves thousands of heavenly tasting donuts every day. It wasn’t always the wholesome American brand that we now know it today as. The company had humble beginnings and first opened its doors for operation on July 13, 1937. The company was founded by Vernon Rudolph after he purchased a secret recipe from a French Chef in New Orleans. His very first store was centered around…...
Krispy Kreme
Successful Donut Seller
Words • 605
Pages • 3
Krispy Kreme Donuts is a very successful doughnut retailer. It was founded by Vernon Rudolph in 1937 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Vernon Rudolph bought the secret recipe of the donut, yeast roll donuts. His doughnuts are very popular with customers in the local area. By the end of the 1950s, there were 29 store franchise stores in 12 states. They reduce competition among peers by controlling the uniqueness of their products. In 1973, Beatrice Foods purchased Krispy Kreme after the…...
Krispy Kreme
IKEA’s Stores
Words • 654
Pages • 3
IKEA is known globally for its innovative yet low priced furniture. The clean and functional design of their furniture makes IKEA almost immediately recognizable. A broad range of home furnishing, kitchen, and accessories are sold in their warehouse-like stores. Since its foundation in the ‘40s, IKEA has grown to become the “largest furniture retailer in the world with 328 stores in 28 countries and revenues of $36 billion dollars” (Hill & Hult p.353). After years of trial and error, IKEA…...
The Wonder Of IKEA
Words • 2088
Pages • 9
IKEA is the largest furniture retailer in the world. This privately held, Swedish company sells a variety of easy to assemble furniture, appliances, and other home goods at an affordable price. The company was founded in 1943 by 17-year-old Ingvar Kamprad. He started by creating a small retail store in Älmhult that sold various household goods. It wasn’t until 1948 that the Ingvar began to sell furniture in his store. The company gets its name from an acronym composed of…...
IKEA’s Main Focus
Words • 1031
Pages • 5
IKEA is a Swedish furniture store. The company was found in 1926 by Ingvar Kamprad. He was born in Smaland in Southern Sweden, raised in a farm near a small village of Agunnaryd. IKEA headquarters is located in Leiden, Netherlands with 415 stores worldwide and about 194,000 current employees. The name IKEA derived from Ingvar Kamprad (I.K) and the first letters of his home town and village where he grew up from Elmtaryd and Agunnaryd (E.A). IKEA originally sold pens,…...
Function At Low Prices
Words • 2673
Pages • 11
IKEA was founded by Ingvar Kamprad. Ingvar grew up in rule Småland, Sweden were the inhabitants manage to get by with few resources. In 1943 IKEA starts out as a mail-order business in the village of Älmhult, Sweden. The name IKEA are the founder’s initials (I.K.) and the first letters of Elmtaryd (E) and Agunnaryd (A), the farm and village respectively near where Ingvar grew up (IKEA, n.d.; Ciment, 2019). The original product line was small and simple consisting of…...
Ikea For a Better Life For People
Words • 649
Pages • 3
IKEA is known globally for its innovative yet low-priced furniture. The clean and functional design of their furniture makes IKEA almost immediately recognizable. A broad range of home furnishing, kitchen, and accessories are sold in their warehouse-like stores. Since its foundation in the ‘40s, IKEA has grown to become the “largest furniture retailer in the world with 328 stores in 28 countries and revenues of 36 billion dollars” (Hill & Hult p.353). After years of trial and error, IKEA finally…...
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