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Free essays on Volkswagen are academic papers that provide insight into various aspects of the automobile company. These essays range from historical information about the origins of the company to analysis of its marketing strategies and environmental practices. They may also cover controversial topics such as the company's involvement in the diesel emissions scandal. These essays are typically written by students, scholars, or professionals with an interest in the automotive industry and are often available online for free. They can be a useful resource for anyone who wants to learn more about Volkswagen and its impact on the world.
CEO and Board Responsibility in VW Scandal
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Supervisory Board Members Versus CEO's Responsibility in Volkswagen Scandal The article by Christopher Rauwald provides an in-depth analysis of the complexity surrounding the management of Volkswagen (Rauwald 2018). The supervisory board ought to have taken responsibility since it could resolve the scandal that hit Volkswagen. Following the Volkswagen emission scandal, the CEO, Mathias Muller took responsibility and stepped aside, but the supervisory board remained intact (Rauwald 2018). The question seeks an analysis of the conflicting interests of management board versus…...
The Issues of Corporate Governance at Volkswagen
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Pages • 2
Corporate governance issues at Volkswagen. Case 13 brings out corporate governance issues at Volkswagen (Clarke 2017). The article raises two major corporate governance issues that led to the scandal at Volkswagen. The first corporate governance issue arises out of the composition of the board. The second issue arises out of boards laxity and control by a few investors. The first corporate governance issue that faced Volkswagen is its lack of diversity on its board. Its board of directors is male-dominated…...
A Review of an Ethical Issue Involving Volkswagen
Words • 1047
Pages • 5
Business organizations tend to make decisions, which favor their overall wellbeing and ensure that they have minimal ethical issues through developing conspiracies. It is very much impossible to have unethical issue happening within organizational environment without the input of in house lawyers. The overall need to ensure that lawyers are incorporated into the action is based on their overall need to understand what is going on within organizational environment. Therefore when considering the situation, which Volkswagen has, find itself in,…...
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Volkswagen’s Adoption Strategies & EV Acceptance
Words • 2679
Pages • 11
 ABSTRACT The automobile industry since its existence, has seen massive transformations across all segments. From the inclusion of assembly line by Ford to the creation of self-driven cars, technology has pushed the boundaries of development in all aspects. However, one thing that the industry has realized in the last couple of years is that it has been left behind in the electric car race, and is set to spend up to $90 billion, according to Reuters, to catch up. Ford…...
The Volkswagen Emission Scandal
Words • 880
Pages • 4
Abstract: Our environment has been the first victim of humans' actions since the industrial revolution in UK in 1800's. The realization from scientists to the environmental violations by humans motivated the calls for actions and eventually managed to enforce environmental regulations on nations to save environment. Cars emit greenhouse pollutants and carbon monoxide, nitric oxides, and other particulates from fuel combustions that are unhealthy to the environment and therefore rules have been enforced to reduce them as well. In September…...
Air PollutionEnginesVolkswagen
Volkswagen vs. EPA (2015)
Words • 2139
Pages • 9
Abstract As one of the most well-known car companies in the world Volkswagen faces an important task of molding, maintaining an ethical and successful image in order for its company to stay on top. Foresight must be continually implemented to ensure confidence during any crisis situation. A comprehensive response is one of the most important parts of a company’s protective measures when dealing with a crisis. In September 2015, The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) accused Volkswagen of tampering with its…...
Writing Assignment
Words • 1159
Pages • 5
Nicole ShieldsHistory 108Writing Assignment #14May 2nd, 2019Car safety has always been extremely important in today’s society for the sole reason that owning a car is now a social norm and necessity. For the Library of Congress to allow an exemption of the DMCA, which lets anyone who owns a car tamper with their car control codes, is not only an atrocity but also an extremely reckless decision that could very well make the matter of cheating regulations worse and may…...
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