The Successful Domestic Programs of Charles Wilson of General Motors

I think I would have liked “Ike” in the 19505because he in the beginning of his career, he filled his cabinet with successful corporate executives such as Charles Wilson of General Motors, had to balance the budget as a priority, and also enjoyed playing golf. He was a strong advocate for what was right, such as in the Little Rock Nine, when he helped with the integration and allowed students to go to their Central Valley High School. Some of his successful domestic programs included creating the Departments of health, education, and welfare.

He also helped the farmers with a soil bank program and created an interstate highway system, linking all major roads. This was done to improve the national defense and create jobs.

Some foreign policy decisions for which he might be admired for included keeping lives from being lost by basically playing a chess match with arms build-ups. Unfortunately, there were some things that I‘d criticize him for, such as spying and using the CIA to overthrow governments, but this ultimately helped American interests.

They overthrew a threatening Guatemala and installed the shah of Iran in place of its dictator. He saw undercover intervention as a substitute for sending in US troops and as also being less expensive.  Also, when the Russians got more advanced technology, Eisenhowser’s congress was able to create NASA and the NDEA to improve education chances and compete with the Soviets in the space race. He also gave money to Vietnam to discourage communism in the midst of political unrest in third-world places.

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