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Free essays on General Motors cover a range of topics related to the iconic American automotive company, including its history, operations, financial performance, management practices, strategic decisions, and corporate social responsibility initiatives. These essays offer insights into the challenges and opportunities facing General Motors as it navigates through a rapidly changing industry landscape, and provide valuable perspectives on its past, present, and future as a leading player in the global automotive market. Whether you are studying business, economics, or history, these essays can be a useful resource for exploring one of the most fascinating and influential companies in American history.
A Profile Overview of the General Motors Corporation
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The General Motors Corporation is and Will always Will be the best overall when it comes to the quality and production of automobiles. From the day it began in 1908 it was the leading automobile production company in the United States. General Motors has accomplished many milestones in the history of the company such as the first car to reach one hundred miles an hour was made by General Motors. The name of the car was Vauxhall and it Was…...
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General Motors and Chrysler Receives Aid from Government to Survive Recession
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In December 2008, General Motors Corp and Chrysler LLC received $13.4 billion federal rescue package that was aimed at buying them some time to survive the economic recession. in return, these companies were required to produce a plan within three months, failure to which they would be required to repay the money. Ordinarily, they would find it very difficult to repay such a huge amount of money. Without a federal suppon, these two companies had indicated that they would be…...
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Progress of General Motors Company by 2008
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General Motors was for a long time the biggest auto making company of the world. It did not just lead in innovations in automotives, but also helped in defining the new breed of massive, bureaucratic multinational corporations that molded the post war economy. It led in making cars for many years until it was ovenaken by Toyota in 2008, This essay is going to look at the analysis of the changing operations of the company over the years. The essay…...
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GM & Shell’s Sustainability Efforts
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Sustainability is the process of efficient resource utilization in order to create capacity for reuse by future generations. Many sustainable efforts have been developed in order to ensure that natural resources are used in a way that creates re-users More emphasis has been placed on green energy and this allows the adoption of environmentally clean fuel sources for example geothermal energy and solar energy. Green energy is credited for creating of a pollution-free environment thus protecting the environment from destruction.…...
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Big Three Auto Bailout
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Pages • 8
In the years 2007-2008, the United States went through a serious economic downturn, this economic downturn, also known as the “Great Recession,” impacted not only the United States but impacted the economies of countries all over the worlds. During this recession the American Automotive Industry suffered significantly, so much so that two of the “Big Three" automotive companies, almost went completely out of business The “Big Three” consisted of General Motors, Chrysler Group, and Ford which together help employ millions…...
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The Successful Domestic Programs of Charles Wilson of General Motors
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Pages • 2
I think I would have liked “Ike” in the 19505because he in the beginning of his career, he filled his cabinet with successful corporate executives such as Charles Wilson of General Motors, had to balance the budget as a priority, and also enjoyed playing golf. He was a strong advocate for what was right, such as in the Little Rock Nine, when he helped with the integration and allowed students to go to their Central Valley High School. Some of…...
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General Motors Appears to Have Better Market Strategy Than Ford
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Pages • 3
In the 1920ies the automobile industry grew rapidly and became soon the biggest Industry in the US. The more traditional transportation industries as ships, locomotives and railroads grew much less at the same time. At the end of the 1920ies, the US produced a large percentage of the whole world's output. In the Industry two important players were Ford and General Motors. Ford was a first mover that invented the assembly line. which gave him the opportunity to enjoy large…...
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