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Business Proposal of Adding a New Product to the Existing Goods of Adidas
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In the business world, change is vital to success. While it is certainly true that start-ups must practice some kind of innovation to grow their business, even well-established corporations must also adapt to changing market conditions. Stagnancy through a failure to recognize the new or changing needs of a marketplace can cause a loss of sales. That’s why it’s so important for companies to be constantly thinking of ways to expand the business. One of the most intuitive and often…...
An Adidas Shoe Advertisement
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As I flip through my Sunday newspaper I come across a shoe ad. An adidas shoe with golden wings, soles and laces fly’s through a dark galaxy. As I focus more on wings, I notice they resemble the Greek god Hermes, the god of speed. My eyes then look to what’s behind the shoe, a dark galaxy with stars illuminating the sky around the shoe, giving accent to its gold 11 white complex. In metallic silver, the word Adidas with…...
The Issue of Gender Equality in the Adidas Advertisement
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Pages • 3
Pushing boundaries to capture target audiences and to gain recognition are crucial for selling products at this day in age. Advertisers use a variety of different methods and communication tools to execute the broadcasting of their products. The purpose of these methods is to attract attention, engage minds, trigger emotion, and change what people think. For instance, an Adidas advertisement starring Laila Ali certainly appeals to a specific type of person, namely young adult women. Although the inspirational attraction of…...
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The Benefits of Adidas Advertising Its Brand on Facebook
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A social media advertisement is an essential tool for Adidas regarding the company's income and profit in sales of merchandise. In fact, the company has an astonishing 10 million followers on their Facebook page. Adidas is a well-known active-wear company specializing in workout clothes and shoes. Advertising on the social media platform is crucial for Adidas to utilize when advertising their brand to inform and away potential consumers of their new product. Therefore, Adida's presence on Facebook is direct and…...
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A Description of the Restructuring of Adidas in 2008
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Pages • 4
Before the restructuring of Adidas in 2008. the company had been involved in an expansion venture which led to venturing into areas In which it was not as efficient. The company did not concentrate on areas of specialization in which it had a competitive advantage as compared to rivals such as Nike which had far better results in the same period. In the period after its restructuring. the company. the company decided to narrow down its marketing segments and thus…...
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