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The Issues and Challenges
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Circuit City started its operations in the consumer electronics retail market by implementing its five S's operating philosophy. The philosophy entailed selection, speed, service, savings, and satisfaction. Circuit City fell victim to several poor decisions that eventually led to its falling and bankruptcy in 2008 and closing in 2009. The downfall of Circuit City started when the CEO, Alan McCollough, decided to eliminate significant appliances from the central location in 2000. This move resulted in the firm closing six distribution…...
Best BuyBusinessChallenges
Shares of 19 Different Companies
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For our stock market contest I purchased stocks from 19 different companies. When I was choosing which stocks to purchase I decided to buy the biggest companies that usually get a lot of sales. For instance McDonald’s is always busy and so many people go there on the daily. Amazon is one of the biggest selling websites that is always selling to billions of people. So when buying shares I bought from these companies were Target, American Airlines, Dick’s Sporting…...
Best BuyMoney
Stocks of Fed Ex, Walmart, Netflix, Best Buy, Ulta and McDonalds
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Since it is the holiday season I picked Fed Ex as one of my first ones because people tend to buy their gifts online. I bought 6 because we were around the November month and this is when people already have their money saved up and are ready to spend and need their gifts shipped to their house. Another one that I bought 3 of that I was a really good idea was Best Buy. People love getting each other…...
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Buying Experience With a Sales Rep At Best Buy
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The following memorandum is an assessment of my purchasing experience in the help of a sales representative at Best Buy. This assessment will incorporate ideas learned all through the class. Product Information I took a trip to Best Buy in Tukwila located near South center Mall. The exact time and date was February 16th, 2020 around 4pm in the afternoon. The sales representative that greeted me and helped me out was gentlemen that goes by the name of Robert. The…...
Best BuyCamera
Smart Watch Samsung Galaxy Watch
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The product that would be analyzed and used later within the course is that of the current Samsung smartwatch The Galaxy Watch. This most current adaptation of the smartwatch by Samsung was meant to address issues with their last product and give the consumer a more complete product. Samsung as a brand is very recognizable and there are some brand expectations when a consumer purchases a Samsung product. Keller (2020) stated, “Designing and delivering a product that fully satisfies consumer…...
Best BuySamsungWatch
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