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The product that would be analyzed and used later within the course is that of the current Samsung smartwatch The Galaxy Watch. This most current adaptation of the smartwatch by Samsung was meant to address issues with their last product and give the consumer a more complete product. Samsung as a brand is very recognizable and there are some brand expectations when a consumer purchases a Samsung product. Keller (2020) stated, “Designing and delivering a product that fully satisfies consumer needs and wants is a prerequisite for successful marketing, regardless of whether the product is a tangible good, service, organization, or person”.

Marketing Mix


The product has three colors and three sizes for the consumer to choose from and has the option to change the wrist straps to ensure the comfort of the watch. The watch differs from its previous versions by adding an always on display, this allows for the ease of use. Previously it was necessary for the user to turn the bezel or press the button to wake the watch for use.

The watch has the option for connection via Wi-Fi or a stand-alone LTE through a service provider and will support various applications for the user to operate within the watch.


There are many locations that one could purchase this product. Samsung offers direct sales starting at $329.99. One could also purchase the product at Best Buy starting at $329.99 . These would be the connection via Wi-Fi, but if a consumer would want the stand-alone LTE connection, they would need to go through their service providers.

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Such as AT&T has their Samsung Galaxy Watch priced at $399.99 or $13.34 a month, as well as a service connection fee on their bill each month.

Distribution (Place)

The size and availability of the Galaxy Watch allows for a multitude of locations both online and brick and mortar. As mentioned above one could get the watch in a Best Buy store location or online. As well as online directly from Samsung. AT&T also allows for the product to be sold via their website or in their store locations. One could also go to Amazon for the product. Finally, Verizon also offers the product online and in their stores.

Promotion / Communications

Samsung relies primarily on their advertising through various avenues. They have also been very adept at learning from their competition and market trends. Their ability to put a lot of money into their advertising and marketing allows for them to remain relevant in any technological advancement. A smartwatch within the realm of mobile technology is still in its infancy and attracts that of the younger age group ages 18-34 (Riley, 2015). Samsung does a great job at outlining the benefits of their product for all genders but seems predicated on their male consumers and could do better at ensuring their female consumers are being well included. Males make up most of the demographic buying their product, but it should be important for them to encompass both markets. Samsung also has the ability to conduct promotional efforts via their social media. Twitter alone Samsung has 459,000 followers that would receive various promotional efforts directly.


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