Stocks of Fed Ex, Walmart, Netflix, Best Buy, Ulta and McDonalds

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Since it is the holiday season I picked Fed Ex as one of my first ones because people tend to buy their gifts online. I bought 6 because we were around the November month and this is when people already have their money saved up and are ready to spend and need their gifts shipped to their house. Another one that I bought 3 of that I was a really good idea was Best Buy. People love getting each other watches, phones, games, and other electronics for Christmas.

I don’t know what it is about these but every year on Black Friday people go crazy at Best Buy because of the deals and basically buy the whole store. Walmart is the most that I bought of, I bought 11 of these. I chose this who doesn’t love to shop here. You can get anything from here from food to clothes to electronics. It also helps that Walmart sells stuff for cheaper than other places to.

I also bought 2 of Ulta. This I think was a smart move for me because it has both cheap make up and the top name brands.

Makeup isn’t something you buy just during the holidays, you buy it all year long. Every day there’s someone getting into new makeup or wanting to buy new things. This really isn’t something people think they have too much of, it’s something people want more of. One thing that I bought that was food related was McDonalds.

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I bought 5 of these because lots of people go here to get food and there’s so many of them in lots of different areas. This isn’t a high priced restaurant that you pay 10 dollars for a meal. On average you spend 5 dollars on a meal, but you get a full meal. It’s also a place parents love coming to because of the playground that the kids get to run free in and burn energy. The last one that I wanted to talk about was Netflix. I bought 5 of these and no it’s not a lot because mainly everyone uses this today. Over the past 2 years this app has become popular because of the different variety of shows and movies. So yes, I thought it would sell great because of all the teenagers into it now.

In the time that I owned the stocks I noticed that all the companies that I thought would sell good didn’t at all. It’s like the world had done a full 360 and all of a sudden changed what was popular. The only thing that did do good that I thought would was McDonalds. But, this was a no brainer anyone could have seen McDonalds would do good. Now knowing what I know, next time I buy stocks I won’t necessarily buy the most expensive stuff. The things that did great in my stock market was more on the cheap side. I understand now that people want to fill like their in control of their money and not have it being spent on 1 thing. Next time I will for sure buy more of everyday bought things. No, purchasing stocks and bonds is not the only way to save for retirement.

There are lots of different things you could do to savee. For instance it would be so much easier and stressful if at a young age you started to save a percentage out of each check. Lots of people do this everyday and it is quite smart. Another thing that you could do is have 2 jobs. No this isn’t something that people would want to do but, I do see a lot of adults in my family do this. With their second job they have they like to put all of that check into a savings account and only use it for emergencies or don’t even use it at all. The thing that I would do that I think is most smart is to flip stuff. You see it a lot now a days when people buy something for a low amount and make it 10 times better with remodeling and make so much more money. Typically you see it a lot with houses and it’s called making a profit. I think this is the best idea because you can spend the amount of time you want on it and can pick how much you want to sell it for and still be able to have lots of money left over. I learned that electronics will impact our future drastically.

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