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The 3 C’s model is an industry demonstrate offering a strategic look at the components requires for accomplishment in a definitive setting. Accordingly, the more raises that a key need to focus on three components for advancement. For example ,in the development of the business procedure ,the three primary components that the organization must concerned on incorporate the organization itself ,its customers and its competitor. In that capacity, it is remarkable that just through the combination of these three components will the organization have the capacity to support an upper hand, in future enhancing the results of the Cs as a deliberate triangle .

Customers have wants and needs, and the company has to recognize these wants and needs in order to offer them a basic product. Hence, to accommodate their potentials, the company must distinguish their items from those accessible by its competitor , while opponents attempt to distinguish items to create benefits and development.

The company analyzed in the article, Best Buy Retail Company, used the 3 C’s model of situation assessment effectively to enable it to survive the changing market dynamics of retail stores, whereby most of them were forced out of business because of irrelevance, following the rise of online shopping.

It connected the first C of Company by reforming its shopping knowledge both in-store and online to give its customers the best involvement in shopping. It connected the second C of Customers by speculation the way they do, and offering them administrations living up to their desires, by skillfully conjoining both on-store and online encounters and accommodation in their shopping experiences.

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It connected the third C of Competition by separating its administration offering, giving its clients an enhanced involvement in both wedge n-mortar stores and in addition online stores. The company also made perfect use of the 4 Ps of marketing in developing its business offering, which included P for products, P for price, P for place, and P for promotion.

For this circumstance, the first P was related in association with having a broad assortment of family and retail items that the customers required . The second P was associated by using forceful assortment systems, to such a degree, to the point that its things appeared to be more affordable in price and moderate than those of its opponents. It associated the third P by enabling clients to get to its stores from both on the web and furthermore in-store stages. It associated the fourth P by taking an interest in powerful displaying and progression of its things and organization offering for the two its physical stores and likewise its online stores.

The company was very successful in accomplishing its objective as it managed to remain relevant in the modern-day market setting, whereby customers preferred online shopping to in-store shopping. Appropriately, by improving its organization offering to supply for the components of the market changes, the association was in a circumstance to change how its customers and opponents manifest its business offering, along these lines taking the trustworthiness of its customers while securing a dynamic superiority over other industry. If I were at the company, I would change my service offering, in both cases, to ensure that services offered in online stores match those offered in in-store outlets. This would in turn ensure that the customers have the best experiences while making their purchases, thereby promoting both market success as well as business relevance.

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