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For our stock market contest I purchased stocks from 19 different companies. When I was choosing which stocks to purchase I decided to buy the biggest companies that usually get a lot of sales. For instance McDonald’s is always busy and so many people go there on the daily. Amazon is one of the biggest selling websites that is always selling to billions of people. So when buying shares I bought from these companies were Target, American Airlines, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Home Depot, Ford Motor, FedEx corporation, Walmart Supermarket, Starbucks, Fresh Del Monte Produces, Twitter, Best Buy, Mcdonalds, Nordstrom, Roper Technologies, Apple Inc, and Amazon.

Target is a one of the largest retailer stores and purchased 12 stocks from them, the American Airlines a airline headquarter and I purchased 20 stocks, Dicks Sporting Goods is a sporting good retail goods and I purchased 11 stocks. Home Depot is a supplies retailing company and I purchased 5 stocks, Ford Motor is a automaker headquartered and I bought 5 stocks, FedEx is a multinational delivery service company in which I purchased 6 stocks.

Amazon is a American electronic commerce and I only purchased one stock, from Twitter an online social networking service I bought 2 stocks, Best Buy is a multinational consumer electronics retailer headquarter and I bought 2 stocks. I when choosing to buy stocks I purchased the stocks that I thought would increase during Black Friday and Christmas time. For example I bought shares from Walmart because it’s one of the places that always have the most sells during black friday.

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Ford and other automaker headquarters do a lot of promotions and discounts of cars to convince people to purchase cars which also increases their sells. I also bought FedEx because many people order items online so it increases the amount of deliveries made which increases the total income. During the time I owned the stocks some of my stocks did increase when black friday came around but then I lost a lot of money. I would’ve chosen my stocks differently by buying many shares from one company instead of buying many different stocks.

No, purchasing stocks and bonds is not the only way to save for retirement. You can create a savings account and each time you get a paycheck you can put a portion of your money into your savings account. You could also rent out your house and make money for that and the people who are going to be staying there. After completing the stock market game I learned that there is really no way of knowing if your stocks will be successful or fail. You have to take chances and purchased the stocks that you think might earn you money. You can risk it all and waste all your money or just waste a portion but in reality there’s not telling if you will earn money or lose it, the only winner is the person that gets lucky.

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