A Business Plan for Coffee Parlor a Coffee Sale Point

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Coffee Parlor will be an important coffee sale point in the United States.

During the start-up, the primary goal will be to create brand recognition and earn a sizeable customer base. Various tastes of coffee will be available to our clients. The Iconic taste will be Ginger taste, also, our customers will have a wide variety of products with which to enjoy the coffee. Such products will include pasta, cookies, pastries, muffins, and couscous. As Baines et all (200) point out, a business with varieties poises itself for longstanding success The main competitor to our brand is Starbucks Coffee, The company has a worldwide recognized brand with an array of coffee outlets in the United States. Consequently, taking a sizeable amount of their customers will be a daunting task, Moreover, the firm enjoys economies of scale. As such, it proves challenging to engage them in a price war, as Baines et al. (209) concede in his thesis furthermore, successful restaurants across the United States offer a majority of our varieties.

As a result, our product and differentiation scheme needs expertise design. Coffee Parlor’s primary strength lies in offering a variety of products in their outlets. Secondly, the firm coffee is affordable compared to other established outlets. Lastly, Coffee Parlor’s target market of middle and low-income earners places the business for success. The lack of a customer base is the business’s main weakness, secondly, the firm has no brand recognition in the market dues to its start—up status. Lastly, the company lacks experienced workers, as it is a new entrant in the market.

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According to Wilson (204), the major business opportunity is the fact that a majority of Americans are loving coffee. As such, the management could come up with excellent strategies to take a lion share of the new coffee drinkers.

Lastly, the falling coffee prices in the world market could give the firm a better-launching ground is charging friendly prices for tis coffee. Competition is Coffee Parlor’s main threat If the business is unable to set up shrewd strategies to tackle the stiff competition, the enterprise might collapse. Coffee will be the firm’s main brand. We will remain devoted to offering a wide array of natural ingredients to safeguard the health of our customers. The procurement team will ensure that our coffee originates from East Africa where the cultivation of coffee is still traditional. Moreover, our senior chefs will ensure that only natural oils such as vegetable and soya beans oils prepare the wheat products. Pricing will depend on the amount of price and its flavor. 500 ml will be the standard cup with a ginger taste. It’s will fetch a price of two dollars per cup to attracts a huge customer base.

As the business progresses and gains brand recognition, the prices will be accordingly change depending on the flavors According to Gao (201) and Peng (201), setting plays a Vital role in determining a firm’s success. The business will take the divergent model of setting. Such approach will aim and starting gaining a clientele base in a single state and then expand to the whole part of the United States. Coffee parlor’s main areas will be near major retail centers as well as recreation facilities. Also, the firm will invest in mobile rooms that will serve construction sites such as roads and major buildings. Uniqueness is the primary principle of product positioning. Specificity will help retain the product image in the mind of the customer even without the product being on site. The logo and brand name will serve as the principal drivers of the positioning techniques. Moreover, the price will be friendly while not compromising on the quality of the product. As such, the majority of the customers will associate our brand with affordability and quality.

Consequently, we will be able to win the client’s trust hence securing their loyalty. According to Tuten (2011) and Ashley, product promotion is vital for any startup business geared towards winning customer trust and securing their loyalty. Such promotional methods include revolutionary customer experience as well as advertising methods. Advertising will make up the bulk of the enterprise’s promotional work. As majorities of potential customers are not aware of the business, we will hire the services of an advertising firm. The company will carry out extensive advertisements in the local dailies, Television and Radio Stations mainly to reach Hispanics. Additionally the company will conduct an extensive social media campaign to publicize the launch of our business. Customer experience will also be an invaluable strategy that we will use to promote the business, the stores will be designed to offer serene environments that will the clients yearn to come back.

We will hire the services of an experienced landscaping firm that will help attract the attention of customers by making use of green technology Target customers will mainly be middle and low—income earners, The majority of the coffee outlets in the United States target high-income earners located in the main ciLies posh areas. However, our potential customers are in major town uptowns where only a select few can afford highly priced coffee offered in some outlets like Starbucks. The majority of the customers are price sensitive However, the business will also serve quality oriented customer segment. The customers are willing to pay the quoted price given they felt they were getting value for their money. The majority of them dwells in low—income areas where they carry out businesses. As such, each parlor will dedicate a high-class center where customers will get specialized services at an added cost.

The distribution chain will only consist of permanent sale point premises and mobile parlors, Permanent sale points will be common in major buildings near recreational and residential parks in the middle and low-income areas.  On the other hand, mobile rooms will serve major construction sites and major events China offers a competitive place that would guarantee our product’s global success China is the most populous country in the world. Since the 19705, the country welcomed capitalism to spur their economic growth with time, the economy has grown to produce a vast proportion of medium-income earners. As such, with our strategy of targeting price- sensitive customers, China offers a fertile ground for growth.

Over the past four decades, Chinese people have adopted a consumerism culture akin to that of the United States though a significant portion of the Chinese population is small spenders, the majorities who have grown fond of spending provide a sufficient market share required to gain global relevance. For any business dreaming of succeeding in the future, there arises the need to consider expanding operations in China. With the current growth rate in the economy, China will overtake the United States as the World’s economic powerhouse. As such, armed with almost a third of the world population, China will offer purchasing power for our coffee that no other country would. Moreover, it will provide an expansive market base that allows for flexibility as our motto envisions.

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