The Annoyance Level of Facebook Users Obsessive Observer, the Love-Struck Loser, and the Flirty Floozy

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Levels Over the past seven years, Facebook has become a natural means of communication worldwide. Whether it be to catch up with relatives, stay in touch with high school friends, or connect with people in the workplace, Facebook is a valuable asset and easily used by the masses. The networking site is accessible through apps, televisions and even watches that make posting statuses extremely simple. Unfortunately, some people actively abuse the service on a daily basis. Facebook abusers can be divided into specific annoyance levels that earn their nicknames as Obsessive Observers, the Love-struck Losers, and the Flirty Floozies.

Coming in at a solid Level I Annoyance, there is the Obsessive Observer who feels the need to update his or her status more than six times a day describing everything that falls under the five senses or to preach unoriginal ideas and rants. Immediately, a specific person comes to mind because everyone has a friend that is addicted to sharing his or her life with the masses.

A common reaction to these serial updates is an eye-roll due to the fact that they aren’t truly affecting anyone even if they are cluttering user’s newsfeeds. A person I gladly label a Obsessive Observer is a former manager of mine from my summer job named Nancy. The main problem with Nancy’s ramblings is the fact that she is the owner’s wife and continuously talks trash about the work hours and complains about every detail in her life including her marriage.

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A prime example of one of her statuses that can be seen by clients is, “DANG MIGRAINE! Got my vision completely screwed and had to pull over and throw up! Now on my couch feeling like my brains about to splatter out all the holes in my head OMGGGGG.” It does not offend me, but it is disrupting to know the details of someone’s life that should be professional. In addition to the Obsessive Observer, the Love-struck Loser also serial updates but they seemingly have the goal of making a complete stranger miss his or her ex without having ever met the person that escaped a relationship from the Loser. This personal has an arsenal of tactics to trigger a minor emotional reaction and maybe feel sympathetic for the pain he or she are clearly experiencing. The depressing pictures all fall under the category of “Remember when we..” but the statuses are the worst due to a slew of emojis and song lyrics describing his or her heartbreak.

At first, your heart might go out to this person in his or her time of need but the longer it goes on, the more aggravated you become. In the beginning, it was easy to screenshot the mess of feelings and send them to your friend with a few sad faces attached but now it is a redundant process. The urge to block the person from your newsfeed is as frequent as his or her updates. My friend Cody is the perfect example of a Love-struck Loser, but his story is unique compared to the general description. In Cody’s painful case, he was with a woman with two kids for one month. His statuses involve his hopes to be a “father” again and how much he misses the o tunity to be part of something bigger. He would “give anything” to have the chance again and that is an admiral feeling to have if this relationship did not take place in 2010 for a minor period of time. In my opinion, it’s time for him to move on but he is still not affecting the general population with his sorrow filled updates.

If a Level II Annoyance seems like the worst Facebook friend to have, then beware of the Flirty Floozy who is generally a female that posts revealing pictures and explicit statuses in hopes to gain viewer’s attention whether it be positive or negative. The Flirty Floozy is the type to capture you in her mirage of Marilyn Monroe worshiping statuses and obscured indie lyrics. She is an active member of the Facebook community on the prowl for a cluster of targets. In most of her pictures, she is half-naked or wearing some type of sportswear that never sees the inside of a gym. For the most part, her friends are wondering how she is still able to stand up straight after bending her body to snap a “cute” selfie that shows off all of her nonexistent curves. Does this person sound familiar? The reaction to one of these girls is usually a heavy eye roll anda minor click of the tongue.

The Flirty Floozy is a Level l Annoyance because her statuses have the possibility of affecting another individual especially when she openly calls out her “haters” for speaking against her attention-grabbing techniques. That being said, a girl went to high school with named Brooke is a definite Flirty Floozy. In an attempt to trap her next victim, she accidentally got the attention of the wrong girl’s boyfriend. She felt the need to post about how “thirsty” this man was which earned her a punch in the face by the girfriend. Fortunately for her, she was able to update her profile picture so it would display her blackened eye and busted lip for the world to see. In Brooke’s case, she actually affected someone which puts her case, and any similar cases, at a Level lI Annoyance.

Point in fact, it’s easy to pick out the Obsessive Observer, the Love-struck Loser, and the Flirty Floozy on Facebook. They are common occurrences on the network and almost every user has at least one in his or her friends list. Facebook is a valuable asset for communication, but it can be quickly ruined by other users. The best solution to the problem of dealing with members of the Levels of Annoyance Association is to block their updates from your newsfeed. As a user, you no longer have to see these statuses but you also do not offend co-workers, sensitive individuals, or high school friends and can continue to Facebook responsibly.

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