The Benefits of Social Media Websites for Small Business Owners

The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act offer peoples protection towards their personal information by setting rules and regulations regarding how information is collected, used or disclosed. The law gives individuals the right to access and request correction of the personal information these organizations may have collected about them. No information collected may be used for any purpose a reasonable person deemed not appropriate given the circumstances. In May 2010, following an audit request from the Hamburg Data Protection Authority in German Google discovered that they had been recording data from unsecured wireless networks as they drove around collecting street view material with their mobile vehicles.

“On May 31, 2010, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada initiated three complaints against Google Inc, pursuant to subsection of the Act, having reasonable grounds to believe that the company had collected personal information from payload data originating from unencrypted Canadian Wi»Fi networks.

The three complaints were as follows: Google collected personal information not limited to that which was necessary for purposes identified by the organization Google collected the personal information of individuals without first identifying and disclosing the purposes for which that personal information was to be collected Google collected the personal information of individuals without their knowledge and consent.

Google was found to have breached the act and was ordered to restructure the company‘s security and training policies regarding privacy. As Google handled the situation as best as possible and secured the situation. They were very fortunate as things could have gone very differently.

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With Facebook or any social media service you would simply adjust your privacy settings according to how you want your public information to appear. I would normally block access to my information publicly and share my information with only my friends; you can also do this with your photo albums. I always keep in mind that once information makes to the online world, chances are it may never be removed. Due to the terms and conditions with Facebook and other forms of social networking, the use of the information you make available is really unavoidable. If you wish to use their service, you either ”AGREE“ with their terms and get to use the service or you “Don‘tAGREE” and are not allowed to use the service.

In the end they leave the choice up to you. I don‘t believe anyone is being taken advantage of regarding Facebook; after all it is a free social network site that allows you to communicate with your friends and family. If I were to own a small business 1 would use Facebook as a tool it is, For free advertising, and promotions and to see what my customers are saying about my products as well as check up on my competitors. The benefits of Facebook definitely outweigh most any negative impact that may occur, like a bad review. As an employee accessing Facebook during work hours would be unacceptable unless it pertains to yourjob, such as doing research on a certain topic for your boss, radio personalities, celebrities, and other media professionals. Personal use of paid work time would be unacceptable in any workplace

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