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Free essays on management are available online as resources for students or professionals seeking to gain knowledge about management practices, theories or principles. These essays can provide insights into topics like leadership, decision-making, organization, communication or strategy. The essays may also cover case studies or examples of real-world management issues and solutions. Reading free essays on management can help students broaden their understanding of the discipline and prepare them for academic or career challenges in the field. Overall, these essays are helpful resources for anyone looking to enhance their management skills or to learn more about the discipline.
James Cash Penney: The Man Behind the JCPenney Empire
Words • 521
Pages • 3
In the world of retail, few names are as instantly recognizable as JCPenney. It's a cornerstone of American shopping culture, a place where millions of people have found the products they need at prices they can afford. But who was the driving force behind this retail giant? Who was the visionary who took the initial steps that led to the creation of this American institution? The answer lies in the name itself - James Cash Penney, the founder of JCPenney.Born…...
Human Resources
The Role of Ethics in Sales Management
Words • 824
Pages • 4
Ethics and Sales Managers Sales managers play very important roles in developing and creating a sales force and a sales strategy that is based and focused on ethical concerns. Sales managers have the ability to influence the ethical atmosphere of a company or organization during the selection and strategy developing process. Most likely they will be involved directly when the hiring process begins. They will also be accountable for training of the new team of sales representatives. It will be…...
Sales Management
The Risk Assessment of General Electric
Words • 1030
Pages • 5
General Electric is a large multinational supplier of electric appliances incorporated in New York, United States of America. Currently, the company operates in the following segments. Appliances, oil and gas, healthcare, energy management, and transportation. With investments in many business sectors, General Electric need an investment in the communication industry. The communication industry is developing with great potential to grow exponentially. An additional department focusing on communication will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization. Establishing a communication department…...
Risk AssessmentRisk Management
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A Comparison of the Missouri Risk Assessment and the Washington Risk Assessment
Words • 1371
Pages • 6
Worksheets, such as the Missouri and Washington Risk Assessments are valuable tools used by criminal justice practitioners. Moreover, Risk Assessment scales are used in both formal and informal capacities, to determine the potential risk or harm an individual poses to society should he or she be released from detention or custody. The following is an example of how the Missouri and Washington Risk Assessment worksheets can be utilized when applied in two completely different cases; it is important to remember…...
Risk AssessmentRisk Management
NCQA Study Analysis
Words • 597
Pages • 3
The article is about a study carried out by the members of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) on an examination of the relationship between the treatment by a Diabetes Recognition Program certified physician and health-related outcomes for patients with diabetes including the use of medical resource, healthcare expenditure, and prescription utilization (Nair, 2011). The article also compares the influence of management by a physicians certified by DRP on patient results. The research was conducted through an exposition assertion…...
Quality AssuranceQuality Management
A Study of International Joint Ventures in China
Words • 901
Pages • 4
International joint ventures refer to "contractual agreements that join" two international parties or more together for the specific "purpose of executing particular business undertakings". All the involved parties agree on the "sharing of the profits and the losses" of the joint "enterprise". All the business‘s existing and new assets procured and development projects together With other ventures to be undertaken by the particular business will require the contribution of equity by all the parties in the proportions agreed upon. All…...
BusinessInternational Joint VentureManagementPolitics
Engaging in Community Service Can Help Build a Person’s Character
Words • 171
Pages • 1
Over my high school year, I have to serve my community in different ways and earned over 300hrs of community service but only 200hrs have been shown in my school record. Being in AFJROTC it help me get more active in my community, I have been involved with road cleaning this program is provided by are Kitty Hawk Air Society members in my JROTC unite, and paper recycling provided by Junior Civitans Club in my School (Eleanor Roosevelt high school),…...
Community ServiceWaste Management
A Description of the Restructuring of Adidas in 2008
Words • 898
Pages • 4
Before the restructuring of Adidas in 2008. the company had been involved in an expansion venture which led to venturing into areas In which it was not as efficient. The company did not concentrate on areas of specialization in which it had a competitive advantage as compared to rivals such as Nike which had far better results in the same period. In the period after its restructuring. the company. the company decided to narrow down its marketing segments and thus…...
Effects of Quality Management on Southwest Airlines and Lufthansa
Words • 913
Pages • 4
Southwest Airlines, an American Airline whose headquarters are in Dallas, offers domestic flight seNices and has been operational since 1971 prior to which It was operating as Air Southwest Co. With over five hundred fleet, the destinations of the Southwest Airlines flights cover approximately seventy US. states. According to the number of domestic passengers it carries In a day and the more than three thousand flights it makes daily, it becomes the biggest airline in the US. On the contrary,…...
AirlineAviationQuality ManagementTransport
A on Quality Management
Words • 1208
Pages • 5
The term quality management could refer to the company's ability to manufacture products of high standards In a sustained manner, It also implies that the company has to consider the significant issues taken to be central in enhancing the quality performance. and the manner in which the manufacturing equipment and facilities in the organization are managed. In this regard, the company has to apply a proactive and multifaceted approach that would make sure that the highest quality level that the…...
BusinessLeadershipManagementQuality Management
Total Quality Management Strategies Developed by Professor Ishikawa
Words • 619
Pages • 3
This is a research aimed at reviewing the total quality management (TQM) strategies developed by Professor Ishikawa. Most of these management strategies are aimed at improving the management process in the modern world. This is with regard to emerging trends that affect the management process calling for better management strategies to address the emerging trends in management. Kaoru Ishikawa was born in the year 1915.He graduated from the University of Tokyo with a degree in applied chemistry. Between 1939 and…...
BusinessManagementQuality ManagementTechnology
The Conflict Situations and the Conflict Management
Words • 508
Pages • 3
”Conflict is defined as any situation in which incompatible goals, attitudes, emotions, or behaviors lead to disagreement or opposition between two or more people". Conflict management can be hard to do because individuals can come into conflict from different things Conflicts typically increase when the company is not being managed properly. Some managers choose to ignore conflicts that arise at work and that also causes more conflict rather than fixing the conflict Managers will not always know when conflict will…...
Conflict ManagementLeadershipPersonalityPsychology
The Problem of Team Polarisation and the Conflict Management in the Organization
Words • 294
Pages • 2
Primary types of organizational conflict are task conflict, process conflict, and personal/affective conflict, at Electron task conflict points to disharmony referring to ideas, intentions, and objectives. New workers' experience process conflict deals with procedures on task execution conflicting with the established order Personal/affective conflict is defined as a relational clash between persons based on incompatible personal dispositions/tempers, opinions and cultures. Although as much as possible could be done to avoid conflict, it is much better to manage, mediate and resolve…...
Conflict ManagementEducationPsychologyScience
3 Conflict Management Skills for Success
Words • 482
Pages • 2
After picking through the many options of essays at, I ended up choosing an essay titled Without these Three Skills you may Fail at Conflict Management; by Dr, Rick Voyles in “Essay Index Four, Dialogues and Essays." Dr. Voyles began the essay on the basis that the majority of people mutually dislike conflict. He goes on to describe his expertise in conflict management, and the reputation of being a “peacemaker.” While he emphasizes the importance and meaning of conflict…...
CommunicationConflict ManagementNegotiationPsychology
Control vs Business Management Differences
Words • 498
Pages • 2
Control refers to any process of the company that directs the activities of individuals toward the goals of the organization. Leadership, on the other hand, focuses on leading the employees of the organization towards the organizational vision. Although planning leads to control, they are not one in the same Planning is simply drawing out the future courses of action in the most appropriate manner to reach the goals while controlling is establishing, measuring, comparing, and correcting standards of performance. Leadership…...
BusinessBusiness ManagementLeadershipOrganization
The Benefits of a Business Management Course for Students
Words • 1070
Pages • 5
A bachelor of business management equips students with skills and knowledge that can help them to land in a career in business. The compulsory classes help students to develop general business concepts and skills required in running business operations and activities while specializing in one or two specialist courses equips one to build the professional skills and knowledge necessary in pursuing a future career. The major specialist areas available to students include human resources, real estate and development, marketing, business…...
Business ManagementCommunicationManagementMarketing
The Business Management Procedures in the Modern Company’s Goals
Words • 955
Pages • 4
Importing and exporting is a very influential activities on a nation’s economy, a country with too much importing dooms its domestic businesses to fail. A country with too much exporting will often realize that it is depriving its citizens of new technologies, trading long-term progress for short-term financial gain. As such, it is important for countries to strictly regulate a trade balance, With this in mind, the following paper will relay information gathered in an interview with a local business’s…...
BusinessBusiness ManagementPoliticsTrade
CPA Dream with Double Major in Management and Accounting
Words • 302
Pages • 2
As an undergraduate student at Indiana University, I hope to achieve my dream of becoming a Certified Public Accountant by double majoring in business management and accounting. I am a self-motivated high school student, and I expect this to continue into college I also want to challenge myself academically, and help other students learn and grow in the process. In addition to my academic achievements, I have overcome many obstacles. Throughout my freshman, sophomore and junior year I was mentally…...
Business ManagementEducationLearningPsychology
Business Ethics: a management backbone
Words • 1018
Pages • 5
The concept of Business ethics has always been described as the backbone of any business management regardless of whether it is an organizational enterprise or an individual business, There is every need for everybody to have a clear understanding of the basic business ethics in order to enhance efficiency and high productivity. Basically, business ethics define what to be done at any given moment. In simple terms, business ethics aim at differentiating good from wrong which is the basis of…...
Risk Management
Company Management Is Aware of Various Forms of Potential Attacks
Words • 933
Pages • 4
Target Company is one of the leading merchandisers in the United States accounting for a substantial market segment in the retail industry. Over the past years, there has been a lot of competition in the retail industry thus making it necessary for businesses to come up with new ways of improving business performance. In 2013, Target Company experienced a breach in its computer systems thus affecting its data. The data breach led to huge losses of more than $148 million…...
Business ManagementInformation AgeSecurityTechnology
A Detailed Marketing Management Plan Regarding a Tour to Korea
Words • 594
Pages • 3
A marketing plan is a detailed blueprint that illustrates an organization’s general marketing efforts. A marketing plan can be applied from two perspectives; tactics and strategy. Strategic planning is a yearly process that covers a year. On some instances, organizations can plan over three or more years. In this paper, I will write a detailed marketing plan regarding a tour to Korea. The main target market is the local and international market, the historians, scenery travelers as well as geographers…...
InternetMarketingMarketing ManagementTourism
A Brief Overview of Marketing Mix
Words • 307
Pages • 2
This topic introduces marketing management as a subject of its own. It is defined as the process of planning and executing a concept, pricing, promotion and place to satisfy a target group of customers and meet organizational objectives. During marketing, there are three kinds of goals that an organization aims at meeting which are, the satisfaction of customer needs, an increase in organizational profits and an increase in sales volume. Before establishing marketing management in a company, there must be…...
BusinessManagementMarketingMarketing Management
The Five Best Social Media Marketing Management Tools
Words • 364
Pages • 2
Social media is here to stay in the marketing world and, by all accounts, it will only further affect all parts of our life and work. To be prepared, it’s time to bust out our social-media toolboxes, adding some new tools that can be very useful in terms of how effective each platform is for specific strategic opportunities. Here are 5 of the best social media tools to add to your game plan, if you don’t have them already. The…...
BusinessMarketingMarketing ManagementSocial Media
The Importance of Critical Thinking in Conflict Management
Words • 657
Pages • 3
The article selected for the critical thinking analysis on conflict management is titled How to Manage Conflict Posted by Hedges Kristi on the Forbes website. The article articulates that conflicts are inevitable in any organization, However, good it may be, and irrespective of the conflict resolution systems put in place. Thus, the author proposes that an effective leader is one who is able to deal with conflict whenever they arise, Such a leader maintains trust and generates confidence among the…...
BusinessConflict ManagementOrganizationPsychology
Matching Conflict Management Strategies in Agency Work
Words • 949
Pages • 4
In this creative writing paper I have critically analyzed the conflict management strategies in a place of agency work and how it contradicts or matches personal conflict management preferences. The term conflict may be referred to as the entire process whereby some behaviors are intended to trigger chaos and obstruct the achievement of set goals in an organization or between individuals. Therefore, conflict management serves as a standard measure to help in resolving and preventing attempts of conflicts. Effective intervention…...
BehaviorConflict ManagementEmploymentPsychology
Transformational and Transactional Styles in the Conflict Management
Words • 324
Pages • 2
Transformational and transactional styles in the management of conflicts and crises within the health units should be encouraged in order to build the relationship between nurse managers and staff nurses in hospitals. Transformational leadership is the process in which a leader and his subject contribute in raising one another morally while transactional leadership is the process that includes a dimension of a reward involving economic exchange to meet the need of the subject. Leadership styles in nursing management can be…...
BusinessConflict ManagementLeadershipNursing
Conflict Management Strategies
Words • 555
Pages • 3
Conflict management entails the engagement of strategies that limit the harmful results of conflicts and increases positiVity in a specific conflict. Conflict management can be done at a point that is equal or higher than the setting of the disagreement, Conflict, in simple terms, refers to a situation, in which two groups discover their incompatibility. One group may notice that its interests have been strongly disapproved by the other group. Conflicts are said to occur in almost all aspects of…...
Conflict ManagementGlobalizationNegotiationPsychology
Scientific Management Analysis
Words • 645
Pages • 3
Scientific management is also known as Taylorism. It is basically a management theory that analyzes how work flows. Scientific management aims at making better the efficiency of the economy and specifically ensuring that productivity of labor has gone up. It is indeed one of the first attempts in a bid to use science to the processes of engineering and in management. Fredrick Taylor developed the scientific management theory in the processing factories in the 19th century (Latham, 2007). On the…...
EmploymentMotivationScientific Management
Single Software Vendor Benefits for Maruti Suzuki
Words • 434
Pages • 2
Maruti Suzuki management had to cope with many business challenges prior to adopting the Oracle Suite (i.e. Oracle database, Oracle real application Clusters, Oracle Fusion Middleware Application Server and Weblogic). It had to spend more money and time to manage their data before they adopted oracle database management system. They had to use paper-based data storage and file systems to store their data. The file system had the problem of data redundancy. Since data is stored as text in file…...
Database Management SystemSoftwareTechnology
DB Strengths Comparison: PostgreSQL vs MS SQL Server vs Oracle MySQL
Words • 1207
Pages • 5
As compared to PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle MySQL have many strengths. This includes high performance, low cost, easy to configure and learn, portability, and the source code is available. MySQL is fast. From the developer's benchmark, it is shown that MySQL to be orders of magnitude faster than competition. MySQL is available at no cost, under an open source license. If required under a commercial license, it at low cost for your application. Most modern databases use SQL…...
Database Management SystemSoftwareTechnology
Data Management and Mokamel Nutrition
Words • 1237
Pages • 5
There are several characteristics that data management facilities that we think must be understood as well as making efficient utilisation of them. We decided to highlight some of them in this research which are: data interoperability, data integration, data recovery, data sharing, and data archiving. In diverse cultures, both the terms "data" and "interoperability" are difficult to be fully understood. However, we find the concept of data interoperability refers to the ability of two or more software or hardware to…...
Database Management SystemManagementTechnology
A Discussion on the Solution for the Problem of Apple’s Security System
Words • 1770
Pages • 8
Apple Inc. is a company primarily focused in the technology sector, such as computers, software, and smartphones. It is arguably one of the most well-known companies when it comes to technology that is on the cutting edge and has quite a large following of loyal customers. Despite their limited product line, Apple Inc. does remarkably well as of late, even when the economy in the United States was beginning to decline. Apple Inc. was originally started out as "Apple Computer"…...
ComputersDatabase Management SystemTechnology
The Importance of Licensing the System of a Data Management Tool
Words • 3035
Pages • 13
Organizations use different types of data management or information systems to manage their business process and to support their day-to-day activities. An information system is also necessary for sharing, storing, protecting, and retrieving the ever-increasing data in organizations. An information system is an important tool enables the organizations to run smoothly. Without the system, it would be difficult to manage the large quantities of data. The development of the database management system is a process that involves different areas of…...
Database Management SystemSoftwareTechnology
The Definition and a Personal Opinion on Classroom Management
Words • 533
Pages • 3
 Classroom management consists of the strategies for assuring physical and psychological safety in the classroom; techniques for changing student misbehaviors and for teaching self-discipline; methods of assuring an orderly progression of events during the school day; and instructional techniques that contribute to students positive behaviors. Classroom management is the plan of action teachers establish and implement to run a smooth and efficient classroom. When it comes to classroom management I consider the biggest key to an efficient classroom is to…...
ClassroomClassroom ManagementPsychology
Librarians’ Classroom Management Training
Words • 573
Pages • 3
Classroom management has extended to include the librarian as well as the teacher. Blackburn and Hays acknowledge the stress of classroom management skills not being taught to librarians and librarians having to learn about these skills on the job. Hays and Blackburn review the past thirty years of history involving librarian duties changing. Now, librarians have to incorporate technology with academic curriculum. Librarians have to collaborate with school faculty to discuss curriculum and learning outcomes as outlined in the introduction…...
ClassroomClassroom ManagementEducation
Philosophical and Theoretical Approach to Classroom Management
Words • 2773
Pages • 12
Classroom management is a vital component in education setting. Learning requires safe environment which boosts the attention of the learners. Setting a supportive classroom tone implies that the teacher effectively includes and engages the learners. In this section, my main aim is to set the right environment for my learners. I intend to implement appropriate classroom management which supports learners. I aim at including all learners in the learning process and accessing the materials in the appropriate environment. This will…...
Classroom ManagementLearningMotivation
A Report on Five Instructional Strategies for Classroom Management
Words • 1152
Pages • 5
One strategy that could be used for classroom management is a chart to show how well the class is acting. This chart would be a list of the student's names on a bulletin board. The teacher can decorate it. Each time the student is awarded for doing something good, they get a star around their name. Depending on the behavior they can have stars removed as well. This will help to keep the class on track when the teacher is…...
Classroom ManagementEducationLearning
The Importance and Application of a Classroom Management Plan
Words • 325
Pages • 2
In my study of articles I have found many tips for classroom management. Unfortunately, many of these are aimed at elementary school teachers. As I am interested in teaching secondary education, I was excited to find this article on classroom management tips for new high school teachers. I feel I will be able to use these simple ideas to better manage my class. The article explains the huge difference between elementary school students and those at the high school level:…...
Classroom ManagementSchoolSocial Issues
TQM and Six Sigma in Healthcare
Words • 1086
Pages • 5
Health organizations around the world are extremely interested in improving and bolstering the quality of the healthcare services that they offer to their patients to improve their levels of comfort and their ability to recover especially when they are under their care. There are myriad quality improvement tools that these healthcare organizations can employ to improve the quality of care that they offer and some of them include Total Quality Management, Continuous Quality Improvement, Lean, and Six Sigma. This article…...
Quality Management
Quality Management Approaches for Companies
Words • 354
Pages • 2
There are several best practices that can be implemented for small businesses and large supply chain businesses alike, Some of these include developing a mission statement to determine what is most important to the company, implementing processes to ensure productivity, and continuously evaluating current practices and innovating those practices to ensure success and growth. Every business faces challenges, and markets are ever-changing because of the ever-changing trends, technology, and customer basest If a company develops goals, and implements measures and…...
Quality Management
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