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Free essays on international law are written works that provide a comprehensive understanding of the principles, norms, and rules that govern relations between states and other actors in the international arena. These essays offer insights into the various aspects of international law, including its sources, role in the maintenance of peace and security, protection of human rights, management of global resources, and regulation of interstate disputes. They cover a broad range of topics, such as international criminal law, humanitarian law, environmental law, trade law, and human rights law, among others. Free essays on international law serve as invaluable resources to students, scholars, and practitioners seeking to deepen their knowledge and expertise in this field.
National States and International Law
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From the point of view of international law, we live in the Westphalian world. The Westphalian world is based on the recognition of the sovereignty of national states, regardless of their religious, ideological or ethnic specifics. So decided the European powers of modern times, when the war between Catholics and Protestants ended, lasting 30 years and had cost millions of lives. To prevent this in the future and that only states solve their problems and conflicts, and the westphalian system…...
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International Law’s Components & Their Impact on Relations
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In the world today, there has been a new phenomenon of countries interdependence of one another due to globalization Nations rely on each other economically and politically, which creates a great need for International Law. International Law is a body of rules that binds states and other agents in world politics and is considered to have the status of law. International Law is essential to the peaceful interactions between nations due to the body of rules that binds states and…...
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Intergovernmental Organizations and International Law
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An intergovernmental organization is an organization that is composed primarily of sovereign states, otherwise known as a member state. In an essence, it is an organization that is composed of multiple organizations working together with a unified purpose. Oftentimes, intergovernmental organizations are used as a broad term to include other nongovernmental organizations such as nonprofit organizations and multinational organizations. These organizations are established by a treaty that acts as a common goal, thus creating a group. Treaties are created when…...
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Multinational Corporations and International Law in Vietnam
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The economy in developing countries is growing quickly in today‘s world, partly because of multinational corporations (MNCs), these corporations usually have headquarters in a developed country i.e. the Netherlands, U.S., United Kingdom, etc. As their power grows, they reach out and invest in countries that have the potential to thrive quickly like Vietnam, therefore boosting the economy by creating plenty of wealth and jobs and utilizing resources efficiently, However, human rights violations have definitely become a concern, with news of…...
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The Reasons Why States Follow International Law and Why Others Do Not
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International law is a world system of rules and principles, involving similarity between sovereignty states and their subjects. However, international law differs from differ from state based legal Systems the writer of this essay believes that some states comply with international law because they want to whilst others do not to. The first following going to briefly describe international law and two offers the reasons why some states obey international law while others do not. International law consists of the…...
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International Law
Words • 1938
Pages • 8
The following sample essay on "International Law": why has international law found it difficult to find a resolution to the Syrian conflict. In 2018, Russian and Iran supported Syrian government to recapture areas in eastern Ghouta in Damascus countryside and Daraa governorate. Syrian government used different methods to make anti-groups in these areas to surrender. In Syrian conflict for a particular time chemical attacks were taken place, the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) was authorized to attribute…...
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Chechens and Russians Have Been Fighting for 300 Years
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The following sample essay on Chechen Warriors discusses it in detail, offering basic facts and pros and cons associated with it. To read the essay's introduction, body and conclusion, scroll down. For the past four months, 5,000 lightly armed Chechen warriors fighting on flat, open land and have held off 160,000 Russian troops with heavy guns, helicopters, thousands of tanks and armored vehicles. Gun shots coming from left and right, bombs dropping from the sky and screams of terror that…...
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Self-Organization of Society, Expressing Skills and Solutions
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The standards for statehood as set out in Article 1 of the Montevideo Convention are clear and internationally respected in pattern. The traditional definition of a State is contained in Article 1 of the Montevideo Convention on the Rights and Duties of States ( the Convention ) which provides: "The State as a individual of international jurisprudence should possess the undermentioned makings:  a lasting population ; a defined district ; authorities ;  capacity to come in into dealingss with the…...
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The Reasons Why States Follow International Law and Why Others Do Not
...Correspondingly, government support international law in part because their concerning is given more weight than that of citizens. In addition, sometimes international law contains provision that are in intension with each other. Weak justice system ...
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