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Free essays on The Federalist Papers are online resources that provide analysis and criticism of the famous collection of essays written in the late 1700s by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay. These essays describe and defend the United States Constitution, offering valuable insights into the founding of the American government. These essays are often used in academic settings to explore issues related to American government, politics, and history, and they are frequently cited in legal arguments and debates. Free essays on The Federalist Papers provide a valuable resource for students, academics, and anyone interested in understanding the significance of this essential American document.
Declaration and Federalist Papers’ Impact on American Government
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James Madison also referred to as the father of the constitution developed Federalist numbers 10 and 51 in an attempt to ratify the Constitution. He felt as if this was necessary to correct what he described were the fatal flaws of the Article of Confederation. On the other hand, the Declaration of Independence was composed and mainly focused on liberty and natural rights. Many major ideas of the Declaration of Independence and the Federalist papers #10 and # 51 influenced the development…...
The Federalist Papers
Federalism & the 1787 Constitution: Arguments in Support
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After reading much about the constitution, the Federalist Papers, and articles by those that opposed it, I would say that I would be a federalist. Firstly the constitution is very well written and written by men who know a lot more about the workings of government than I do. They were also the same people that sparked and won the revolutionary war giving credibility to their ideas. I also agree with the principles set forth by the constitution and its founders.…...
The Federalist Papers
Federal Government Must Secure People’s Rights and Needs
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The Federal Government is restricted in the regulation of voting rights due to the powers enumerated under Article 1 of the US Constitution and the Federalist papers but, is given freedom under the Elastic clause. The tenth amendment states that all powers not delegated to the Federal government nor prohibited to the states are reserved for the states. This gives limited power to the national government regarding anything because as Roger Pilon, writer of The Doctrine of Enumerated Powers states,…...
The Federalist Papers
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US Constitution vs Articles and Papers
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The documents which occurred as a result of the Constitutional Convention in 1787 are some of the most important and powerful pieces of legislation in American history. The Articles of Confederation, Federalist Papers, and the Constitution of the United States helped to provide the foundation for the way that the original representatives and members of the government would develop the nation going forward. While the original aim of the Constitutional Convention was to amend and improve the quality of the Articles of Confederation, the eventual…...
The Federalist Papers
A History of the Federalist Papers on the American Constitution
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Influence of the Federalist Papers on the Constitution The Federalist papers were written and ratified in the years 1787 to 1788. They were created mostly by two of the most influential men of the post-Revolution period. It helped the budding nation create a unified and agreeably strong central government: Alexander Hamilton, a Federalist who wrote fifty-six papers, and James Madison, a Democratic-Republican who wrote twenty-one papers; John Jay also had a hand in the writing of five papers. Every paper…...
The Federalist Papers
Analyzing Alexander Hamilton’s Views in the Federalist Papers
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Alexander Hamilton was a federalist that wrote federalist paper eight in 1789. The purpose of the article was to persuade the constitutional Convention that votes to ratify the constitution. Hamilton explains why failure to form a stronger constitutional union between the states would cause an unstable and weak system between the states. Hamilton argues about the well-being of Americans. He addressed the negative consequences if the union collapsed and conflict between states will be unbearable. The union would ensure protection against invasions or…...
The Federalist Papers
Federalist Vs Anti Federalist Dbq
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Soon after the end of the Revolutionary War — if not before — it became clear that the Articles of Confederation were not a workable arrangement.Wartime contingency measures might have papered over the most immediate problems, but with the coming of peace something more regular was needed.The defects of the Articles produced a host of disputes among states, which could not be resolved under its terms, and which times were serious enough to lead to militia skirmishing. More broadly, a…...
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James Madison: The Father of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights
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The following sample essay on "James Madison" is about an American statesman. He was the fourth President of the United States, and one of the key authors of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Madison's essay is filled with figurative and flowery language. In today's terms, a "faction" would be a special interest group. They are any group of citizen who attempt to advance their ideas or economic interests at the expense of other citizens, or in ways…...
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Behind the Scenes: Jefferson’s Presidency
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The Jeffersonian Republicans are typically considered to be stringent constructionists.The Federalists usually were considered to favor the broad constructionism.This is often just a stereotype, especially when the presidencies of our great, but misleading, Presidents Jefferson and Madison. The Jeffersonian Republicans, to only a small extent, represented what the party truly stood for, and the Federalists also to a small margin swayed from their party’s ideas. The Republicans often stood for the idea of a weaker central government, not giving too…...
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