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Federalist Vs Anti Federalist Dbq
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Soon after the end of the Revolutionary War — if not before — it became clear that the Articles of Confederation were not a workable arrangement.Wartime contingency measures might have papered over the most immediate problems, but with the coming of peace something more regular was needed.The defects of the Articles produced a host of disputes among states, which could not be resolved under its terms, and which times were serious enough to lead to militia skirmishing. More broadly, a…...
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Federalist Papers 10 And 51
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Madison's essay is filled with figurative and flowery language. In today's terms, a "faction" would be a special interest group. They are any group of citizen who attempt to advance their ideas or economic interests at the expense of other citizens, or in ways that conflict with the public good. To control a minority faction, there are two options. One option would be to remove whatever causes the faction to rise in thefirst place. However, this is unrealistic. Therefore, a…...
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Loose Constructionism
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Behind the Scenes: Jefferson’s Presidency The Jeffersonian Republicans are typically considered to be stringent constructionists.The Federalists usually were considered to favor the broad constructionism.This is often just a stereotype, especially when the presidencies of our great, but misleading, Presidents Jefferson and Madison. The Jeffersonian Republicans, to only a small extent, represented what the party truly stood for, and the Federalists also to a small margin swayed from their party’s ideas. The Republicans often stood for the idea of a weaker…...
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