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Free essays on Cyber Law are academic papers that explore the legal issues and regulations concerning internet and computer-based activities. These essays cover topics like cybercrime, online privacy, intellectual property rights, and e-commerce regulations. They provide insights into the scope of Cyber Law and its applications in the modern digital era. These essays can be used as reference sources and study materials by students, professionals, and anyone interested in gaining knowledge about the legal aspects of cyberspace.
Social Media And Its Culpability to Cyber Libel
Words • 4430
Pages • 18
AbstractThe research will cover one of the timeliest issue in the society which is the cyber libel and the culpability of social media to it. This study will be utilized using social control theory which is introduced by Travis Hirschi to investigate on the objectives of the researchers about the profile of the chosen respondents focusing to their age and gender, what common social sites the culprit uses in cyber libel and the culpability of the social media itself in…...
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Goals And Application Of Cyber Law In Computer Hacking With Legal Remedies
Words • 7750
Pages • 31
Purpose of ProjectThe purpose of the this project which state as “The Vital Role of Cyber Law and Ethical Guideline in Computer Hacking” is to assist countries in understanding the legal aspects of cyber crime knowledge and to help harmonize legal frameworks. As such, the report aims to help developing countries better understand the national and international implications of growing cyber threats, to assess the requirements of existing national, regional and international instruments, and to assist countries in establishing a…...
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Cyber Attack Warnings and Cyber Defense
Words • 1464
Pages • 6
Cyber security isn't fair the only issue in the IT field. In truth, its scope is exceptionally endless. Nowadays everybody is recognizable on the internet. Even uneducated individuals are utilizing smartphones and it has become crucial in their day-to-day life. It isn't an exaggerated articulation that if somebody says individuals are living on the web nowadays. Over some time web has become a vital portion of human life. Without proper knowledge and mindfulness, everybody is utilizing AI in their daily…...
Cyber Law
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Cyber Laws in India
Words • 1596
Pages • 7
The evolution and network gave rise to cyberspace which controls and manages to provide equal opportunities and facilities to all the people to access any kind of information. Due to the gradual increase of the internet abusage of technology is broadening gradually which tends to cybercrimes. Cybercrime is an unlawful act that leads to criminal activity. Cyber Security, is a mechanism by which computer information is protected from unauthorized and illegal access. This paper illustrates and focuses on cybercrime, its…...
Cyber Law
Social Media: Virtual Life and Freedom of Expression
Words • 2612
Pages • 11
Introduction Social media is a platform which provides a kind of virtual life for a people to openly express feeling, opinions and beliefs. Various events are affected by peoples sentiments which provided by the social media. Unfortunately, hateful speech and abusive language target or harassed the many users engaging online, either on social media or forums. So before publication of the any online content there is a need of detecting such hateful and abusive language. The services provided by different…...
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